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Because wonder means to be filled with adoration, amazement, or awe and I’m always amazed at the things I create

Toodles, Pokeleaf, Nekton, and Quabog Tile

Things a considerably better around here but I still didn’t get all my step-outs done this week. Of the seven tangles: Nekton, Pokeroot, Pokeleaf, Toodles, Quabog, Tortuca, and Rain, I only had the step-outs for the first three already made. But then I ran out of baseball card size cards (ATC) and needed to cut some more. I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet. ;)

I went ahead and decided to jump right to the tile for the week. ;) I think my favorite of this week’s tangles is Rain, and I didn’t even use it in my tile. :D I like Toodles but struggle adding more than one to a section. Of course, I struggle a bit with layering Pokeleaf and pokeroot too. Nekton has never been a favorite tangle but it filled in a small section nicely.

I don’t recall ever using Quabog before. The section I used it in was a bit squished so I wasn’t able to “hollibaugh” it enough, intertwining the upper section with the lower one. But it is okay. ;)

So here is the scan and picture of my tile before shading.

Of course, it was cloudy out when I was ready to take pictures outside again. :DThen I shaded it and this is how it turned out. I kind of like it. :)

I didn’t want to have a solid black fill, so I left it with lines behind toodles and pokeleaf.

Well that’s it. I think Toodles kind of looks like some kind of bird head–like a woodpecker or something. :D

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you try your hand at some tangling; it can be a great stress reliever. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Keeko, Scena, Meer, Jetties, Tripoli, and Betweed

This week has not been the best week!!! And that is putting it mildly. So this is going to be pretty short.

The tangles I used this week are Betweed, Meer, Jetties, Tripoli (just one triangle), Keeko, and Scena. I used one big Jetties and then a few small ones in the center of the one Tripoli.

First will be the unshaded scan and then the picture taken in natural, albeit overcast light.

Yes, my huge jetties is not round because I filled the oddly shaped section with one instead of many jetties. :)

Here’s the final tile, shaded (first the scan and then the natural light).

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a better week than me. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Zen-Untangled Week 17: Isochor, Beelight, and Sez

Well this week’s Zen-Untangled tangle list includes some that I don’t really care for. ;) Beelight, BeeLine, Isochor, Pendrils, Scaribou, Sez, and Shattuck are the tangles of the week. I have to admit that I absolutely do NOT like Scaribou!!! Not at all. ;)

I also don’t care for Pendrils, Sez, nor Isochor. However, I love Shattuck and it is one I like to use. Beelight and BeeLine are two that I haven’t used much and even struggle with BeeLine a bit, when I have chanced to use it. ;)

So choosing three tangles to use on the suggested string this week was a bit of a challenge. Now you might guess that I used Shattuck since it is the tangle that I really enjoy but surprise, surprise, I didn’t. I could have found a place for it in the tile but I just didn’t feel like it fit easily this time.

So I went with an easy one, Beelight. I followed Holly’s sample mixed up the direction that I pointed the arches. I think it turned out pretty nice. Although I’m not good at auras, I enjoyed tangling with Isochor when I made the step-out for it this week. So I thought it would go nicely in this string and give me some much needed aura practice–so in it went.

I decided to go with sez for my third tangle. I went and got some sesame seeds and dropped them down on the section and replaced them with dots as actually directed by the tangle instructions. I struggled a bit with the shading for this one.

Well here is the tile before any shading both scanned and a picture taken in natural light (on our nice sunny day).

It kind of looks like a Wall-E type character looking at me. :D

Here’s the shaded scan and natural light picture.

I like how this turned out and, more importantly, I enjoyed tangling it. :)

Have you ever seen the tangle Scaribou? It is definitely a weird one (kinda looks like caribou heads, I guess).

Well, I’m going to run for today. I really appreciate you stopping by and I hope you have a great week.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Zen-Untangled Week 16: Purk, Gneiss, and Tidings

This week’s tangles in the Zen-Untangled project are Assunta, Bales, Gneiss, Gourdgeous, Pea-nuckle, Purk, and Tidings. I love Gneiss and enjoy Purk but Gourdgeous is not a favorite at all, neither is Pea-nuckle. Tidings, however, is brand new to me. I didn’t think I’d like it but I actually did.

I got behind this week and although I only had three step-outs to draw, I didn’t do any of them. I looked at the string provided and decided right off that there was no way to make the tangles fit perfectly  in the sections provided. So I went with purk in the purk-shaped section. Since I love Gneiss, I was determined to find a way to use it in a section. And finished it out with Tidings filling in another section. I decided to keep one section blank.

Here is a scan of the tile before shading.

I’d taken pictures outside on this rainy, overcast day but something happened and they didn’t import. I’ve now learned to check to ensure that they actually imported before I delete them off the camera. :(  So I had to take them all over again but I couldn’t exactly remove the shading. :D

So here it is both the scan and the picture after shading.

Which angle picture do you like best? I couldn’t pick my favorite, so I included them all. :)




This is how overcast it was the day I took these pictures. ;)

I’m going to run for now. I hope you have a good week.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Zen-Untangled Wk 15: Ratoon, Ambler, Waybop

This week’s tangles were Ambler, Paradox, Ratoon, Three & Three, Vermal, Waybop, and Xyp. Some of these are really great tangles: Paradox, Ratoon and Waybop. But Vermal! Really? Looks like alphabet soup. Some people couldn’t even make themselves put this tangle in their projects. :D I did simply because I wanted to remember what it was if I ever heard of it again. ;)

Three and Three is a pattern in the strictest use of the word pattern with 3 vertical lines followed by three O’s and repeated as desired. I can see it can be useful in some situations.

Ambler looks so much like Emingle to me. I’m told that Ambler is supposed to be drawn in ribbon fashion, like Hollibaugh though. Okay, whatever. ;)

I already had step-outs for Ambler, Paradox, and Xyp. And although I have used Ratoon before, I didn’t do a step-out for it, so I had four step-outs to do this week.

The other night, I grabbed one of my scratch-off tiles and showed Sean and Tiffany how to draw Waybop. I’m really enjoying that tangle a lot. :)

I didn’t get my spacing right and had to squeeze in one more seed but it still turned out nice. I really like it on this rainbow tile. :)

This week’s string was really loopy and not really conducive to the tangles we had to choose from. But strings are suggestions, so here’s what I did with it. (The first is the scan of my lineart and the second is a picture taken outside in natural light.)

I wasn’t sure what to do about that hill and loop. I thought about blackening them but was afraid it would be too drastic. Then I thought I could try shading it and if I didn’t like it I could blacken it digitally before putting pen to paper. But as it turned out, I rather liked the way it turned out shaded. ;)

Here’s the scan of the finished piece.

As usual, it looks a bit better smaller. ;)

I really like that short ambler on the top of the first loop; it kind of reminds me of a train. :D

And here it is out in natural light.

As you can see, I only did half a Ratoon and I tried to keep Waybop in its loop at first, so it is a bit lopsided. But I really like the shading on those two tangles. Not too sure how to shade ambler though. :D

Well, I’ll run for now. I hope you have a great day.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Using Art to De-Stress for People of All Ages

Art is a great de-stressor. I’m guessing that during a time like this, even children can use some de-stressing. :)

I highly suggest introducing them to Zentangle. Look at most of my Wednesday posts or ones tagged zentangle, to get an idea of what it is.

It is simply a process of drawing simple patterns together. There are some websites that have a collection of these patterns.

  • Pattern Collections This one has skill level groupings of the patterns so that you can start with easier patterns.
  • Tangle Patterns There is a selector on the left side of the webpage, which allows you to select patterns of a certain type among which include hearts, orbs, diamonds, grid based, and a number of other ways.
  • Musterquelle This one is in another country and language but it also includes fragments and reticula, which are fun to play around with.

The basics of drawing a tile are to

  1. take a three and a half inch square paper (but you can use any size you desire)
  2. put a dot in each corner
  3. connect the dots, in straight, curvy, wavy, or even loopy lines
  4. draw a string be it a Z or X or loops or whatever (those sites have some string suggestions as well)
  5. then choose a pattern and fill a section the pattern
  6. add a little shading, either simple or more complex

It really is easy and can be quite fun. I hope you and your children will give it a try.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


Zen-Untangled Week 14 Tile: Stricles, Squill, Printemps

I got lucky this week and only had to draw the step-outs this week, which were Squill and Patena, the latter of which I’d never even heard of before. The other tangles were all familiar to me already: ING, Munchin, OOF (out of focus), Patena, Printemps, Squill and Strircles. I’ve got to say Stricles is my favorite, by far. Actually, most of them are tangles I don’t like very much, although I do like Squill somewhat, now that I’ve learned it.

Here is the string suggested for the week. It was suggested to use at least three of this week’s tangles on this week’s tile. (Yay! I remembered to take a picture before I did any tangling. :) )

I’ve been looking forward to using Stricles, so I’ve included it. :) The X section just lended perfectly to Squill. Then I was stumped as to how to add a third tangle to the tile since all the sections would be full. Then I realized that I’d put a border, so I could use some of that space. But what to put there? Hello filler–Printemps. :)

Here is the scan and then picture taken in natural light (it was a nice sunny day here, finally).

Here it is after I did some shading (scan first and then natural light). I also thickened the lines for the first cross lines of Squill and I think it looks better.

I like how it turned out. Squill looks kind of puffy and a few of the printemps look a bit raised. :)

Well, that’s my artistic endeavor for this week. I hope you are making time for art. It isn’t something that comes readily to me; I have to make time for it. At the very least, I hope you are taking time to do some things that help to de-stress you and bring you joy. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Braze, Eke, and Y-Not Tile

Week 13 of the Zen-Untangled project consists of Braze, BB, Eke, Pinch, Y-Not, Glace and Impossible. I had to do the step-outs for five of the tangles. I had BB and Eke already but had never even heard Glace, Braze, and Impossible.

So, Impossible was not easy for me. I tried the step-out and it just didn’t work for me. So, I did what I do when a tangle stumps me, I searched for it. I found the Kitchen Table video where Rick shared how to do this tangle. Then I found this blogpost by Linda on Time for Tangling where she wrote about the process of this tangle but also a good way to make the grid to begin with. :)

We were asked to use three of the tangles in the tile this week. Blaze and Eke were easy picks. I chose y-not for the third one but struggled a bit with it because it was a bit difficult to follow behind the other sections. ;) I also forgot to take the a picture of the string before I started but I did get a picture near the beginning.

So then here is the tile before shading.

Here’s the scan of the tile before shading.  I’m very thankful for shading because my lineart is not that beautiful, especially under the harsh light of the scanner. ;)

Here’s the finished tile. After taking pictures I think it could’ve used a bit more shading.

Here’s a picture I took of the tile outside in natural light. It’s so much softer than the scanned piece.

I’m always impressed with how the angle of the picture can really make a difference in how it looks.

Well, on second thought, I guess it doesn’t make that much difference on this one. :D

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this encourages you to try your hand at some art. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Drawings Diva Dance: Rock ‘n Roll Zen-Untangled 12

This week I’m doing the twelfth week of the Zen-Untangled project in the Tangle All Around facebook group with Alice Hendon. Last Saturday she started week 13 after taking a week for catch up the week before and I did nothing artistic at all. I’ve been reading. :)

So here I was without anything to show for myself once again and almost shared the lettering I’ve been doing this year but decided that I really want to continue with the project and not get behind (any more behind). So I got out to ATCs and did the two step-outs that I needed to do for the week: Drawings and Noom.

I must have been in just the right head space because I was able to do them both without much frustration at all. I tried to make friends with Drawings some time ago for a Diva Challenge and it turned out pretty nicely but I haven’t played with it at all since then.

Here are the two step-out atc I did.

And this week I even did the sample on the front of the atc step-out. :D I have about four from week 11 that I need to finish. :p

So this week I remembered to take a picture (but not a scan) of the string before filling in the sections. But then I completely forgot to take a scan of the lineart before shading. My my my . . .

I actually had no intention of using Drawings in this week’s tile. But that line in the string just screamed Drawings to me, so I did. I also had no intention of using Rock ‘n Roll in this week’s tile, even though it seemed perfect for that circular section, because again, that is not one of my comfort tangles. But I did it anyway. :)

Here is the picture in overcast natural light of the tile before shading.

I ended up erasing the parts of the string and border that were unusable.

Here is the scan of the tile after shading.

We watched a video on youtube the other day of a gal harvesting lotus seeds. Michael said that the Diva Dance here looks like that and I agree, it does resemble it. I like Drawings best without all the detail lines in it.

Here is the finished tile in overcast natural light. It interests me how shooting the picture from a different angle changes how it looks to some degree.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that sharing my artistic endeavors encourages you to pick up a pen and put it to paper. It really is easy, just follow the steps. (Go to youtube and type in the tangle you want to learn with the word tangle and you should get a decent tutorial. :) )

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

April 2020 Bullet Journal Pages

I was reading a good book/series this week and didn’t spend any time tangling. :p This week’s Zen-Untangled is comprised of tangles I’m familiar with. It includes the Diva Dance tangles along with Drawings and a few others I cannot recall at the moment. I only had 2 tangles to do the step-outs for and so I procrastinated–not surprising to me. :D

Well yesterday when I was supposed to be doing art, I was finishing up the fifth book in the Invisible Library series. Then I decided I didn’t feel like drawing/tangling, so I decided to share my bullet journal pages I prepped for this month.

I started by pulling out my washi tape . . . all of them. :)

I looked through them and tried to see what sparked joy. I realized that Easter was very soon and wanted to use some of my Easterish/spring tapes. From there I added some whimsical ones and then ones that fit with the colors of the tapes already chosen.

Here is the page I set up for the meeting Tiffany and I have at the beginning of the month and where I right down goals or things to focus on.

This page has a completely different approach than most of my monthly goal pages because I usually use some glitter washi tape. But I just wasn’t feeling that this time. I like how it turned out–it’s light and whimsical.

Then I picked some more tapes that I like and felt matched the feel of this page and just ran a strip down the middle of the page. Here you can see how I use it.

I right the list either at night before I go to bed or in the morning before I get busy. Then I add stickers or whatever, if I want to add a bit to extra space on the page when I’m done with it. Sometimes I journal a bit, sometimes I log what I eat, and sometimes I’m way to ambitious with what I write down to do. :D

Here are the pages I have set up for the rest of the month. I find that if I don’t pre-run the tape, I’m not as motivated to use the pages and then I’m not as motivated to accomplish things. ;) Writing it down means I’m more likely to do it. Otherwise I do only those things that are essential and spend the rest of my day indulging in other things.

Some of these are wide and some are more narrow. Most of these have a combination of several tapes of varying thicknesses. Some work out nicely and others just okay. :D

I hope this has inspired you to keep a bullet journal and that it doesn’t have to be a work of art. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº