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Ideas for Wednesday Posts

I had been floundering with what to do for my weekly tile long before I took the break from blogging this year because Laura Harms stopped doing a weekly Zentangle challenge. I managed to find inspiration from here and there but it was even more difficult after I got off of facebook, as the MeWe tangling community isn’t very prolific just yet.

Honestly, I don’t think I have tangled but one thing since February this year and am so out of touch with the community that I completely forgot about Inktober this year. By the time my daughter reminded me, it was too late for me to push myself.

When I was looking for things I’d like for Christmas I remembered that Zentangle Inc puts out activity packs that are more expensive than what I am comfortable purchasing for myself throughout the year but decided it would make a great Christmas present. So I looked through the 15 or so packs they had at the time and chose one that the supplies were such that I could appreciate receiving it for a Christmas gift.

While looking through them I got the idea to tangle through the project packs. You don’t have to have their kits and they have the videos on youtube to show you how to do the projects. They even encourage people to follow along with whatever supplies you do have. So that is my plan: to work through the project packs and share pics and my experiences here. I’ll also share the links so you can give it a try yourself.

I hope this will be inspiring for you. I also hope it encourages you to try your hand at tangling with whatever supplies you have on hand, even if it is just copypaper and a ballpoint pen with a number 2 pencil for shading. :)

I hope that I will begin this series soon but right now I’m crunching through getting the rest of my Christmas shopping done and hopefully wrapped soon. I like my shopping done by USA Thanksgiving and my wrapping done by the end of the month but no later than the first week of December. I’ve had way too many late night wrapping sessions the night before gifts are opened and it is not enjoyable for anyone. :D

I’ll keep you updated as to when I will start. I hear they have a new pack out for 12 days of Zentangle again this year, so maybe that will be what I start with. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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