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Clock Trouble

Clock Trouble ~ LifeOfJoy.meWow! Another week has passed quickly. My days are off in my internal clock since I ran errands earlier in the week because I didn’t go last week at all. Actually, now that I think about it, time has been messed up for me all week long. I have an iHome dock alarm clock for my iPhone. I got it a couple of years ago for Christmas. It has had this little battery symbol light one for a VERY long time. I have flipped the crazy thing over to look for a place for a battery but have always been frustrated in not locating it. Well, one day this week the electricity must have just barely flickered because we sleep with a fan on and will awaken if it goes off for very long, but we didn’t wake up. I had gotten up to go to the restroom and went back to bed and back to sleep. The next time I woke up the clock had the same time but I just passed it off as I must not have seen the clock right, so I was going back to sleep. I noticed that Mike was stirring and then his phone that was on the charger made some small noise but I ignored it. Mike however, knew that it was his text signal and thought it odd that someone would be texting him at three in the morning. He got up to investigate, went in the other room and looked at one of our battery operated clocks. He returned to our room saying that the clock was slow. In my sleepy state, I didn’t quite realize what he was saying until he started getting dressed . . . then my lightening fast mind caught on, it was nearly 7! Since he needed to leave shortly, a bit of rushing ensued for us to get him out the door on time.

After the flurry of activity, I went in and again looked for a battery compartment, to no avail. So I was off to find the directions that came with it. This is one time I’m glad I don’t just throw everything away (now if I can just get a better filing system, I’d be happier). I was able to locate the papers I needed and found out that the crazy thing does in fact, have a battery compartment and the reason I couldn’t find it is because you have to use some pointy object to press a recessed release button AND of course, it takes the large button batteries which I have none of.

Thankfully I would be running errands earlier in the week than usual. Onto the grocery list it went. I am sad to say that I tried to press the little recessed release button but could not get it to release so being frustrated with it and having other things to do, I left it for Mike. I handed him the directions, pointed to the correct paragraph and asked him if he’d please fix it for me . . . My Hero! There is no longer an extra light showing on my alarm clock.

Looking back at it now, I realize that I did notice that the clock was brighter but discounted it thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me. In the future, if I think the light is brighter, I’ll go check it out.

In closing today, I’m perplexed. I wrote this post last night. Clicked publish. And it completely disappeared with a message saying there was an error in saving. Being frustrated, I started writing it again. This time I clicked “save draft” after writing just a paragraph and it did it again. It was getting late and I’d already been up 30 minutes after Mike had gone to bed, which I do not like to do, so I shut down my computer deciding to do the re-write this morning. So if this isn’t very coherent it is because I’m writing it way too early in the morning and publishing it later than I’d like. (I am really trying to be punctual in publishing.) This time it is completely different that the last two attempts . . . maybe I wasn’t supposed to post what I’d written last night . . . I don’t know but this is what was on my mind this morning as I typed, so I’ll just believe it is what I was supposed to talk about, for some odd reason. ;)

I hope you have a blessed weekend,

Michele ºÜº

Raising Children

My hubby’s birthday is today, so this will be short and sweet. ;)

Sean, Brian, Tiffany ~ LifeOfJoy.meI remember reading an article some time ago about how the French parent different than Americans. It was very interesting and made me think about how I raised my kids. Remarkably, there is much that she mentioned in the article that I remembered doing with my kids but I did see some things I could have done differently.

The article is kind of a teaser for her book but lucky for us, it came out two and a half YEARS ago. ;) The title of the article is Why French Parents are Superior and was written by Pamela Druckerman but the title of her book on the same subject is Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting which is available on Amazon and other book sellers.

One of my ‘take-aways’ from the article is that the French refer to child rearing as “educating” instead of “disciplining”. They teach children to be polite and respectful. One of the ways they do this is by having them address familiar adults when they enter or depart.  Another is not allowing the children to interrupt when adults are speaking but yet addressing the child by telling them to wait a couple of minutes.

Another thing that stuck with me is how they say no with authority and an accompanying look that lets the child know you mean it. Another interesting thing is how she said they eat in ‘courses’ and start with vegetables, even the young children, and don’t eat but predetermined times, three meals and an afternoon snack.

One thing that I have seen so many American parents do is tell their child to do something and then count to three before enforcing it. This teaches children that you don’t really mean for them to obey you until you get to three. I caught myself doing this early on and rectified it. I wanted my children to know that I say what I mean. I also was careful to think about what I was going to say before I said it, to ensure that I was ready to back-up/enforce what I was saying. Thus sometimes I took a little bit of time to answer my children’s questions. I needed my children to believe the things I said . . . consequently I did not tell my children there was a Santa Claus or Easter Bunny or other such characters because I wanted them to believe me when I told them there was a God and that Jesus is our savior. I did tell them about Saint Nick and they did watch Santa Claus cartoons in the same manner that they watched Toy Story or Megaman shows.

I thought this article was interesting and I just found out that my library system has it available, so I’ve requested it. I look forward to seeing what else she has gleaned and what I might have done differently. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Some Grid Tangles

Grid Tangles ~

These are some of my first favorite tangles. On the right is Cadent, and W2, I think. I always get Huggins and W2 confused but I think the difference is that Huggins has curved lines and W2 doesn’t. These are very easy tangles! Check them out on

This week was Canadian Thanksgiving and so The Diva challenge wasn’t posted until Tuesday morning and since I post my message at 5 am and it takes me a couple days to prepare a post, I had to pull one from my past efforts. I hope you enjoy it.

Try your hand at these tangles and have fun!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Chicken Tortilla Bake

Chicken Tortilla Bake ~

This is one that I hadn’t made in a while but when I made again it was a hit. It is fairly easy to make. I choose to make it without canned cream soup, which takes a few extra minutes but is worth it.

I season about one pound of boneless skinless chicken breast with a bit of onion power, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Cook in non-stick skillet or with a enough oil to keep it from sticking. Cool enough after cooked to slice into thin pieces and then cut slices into bite sized pieces (the smaller the pieces the more it is spread throughout the casserole). While the chicken in out of the pan, melt 5 tablespoons of butter in it. When melted add 5 tablespoons of flour to it and stir with a whisk, when fully combined, slowly whisk in one and a half cups of milk. Add the cut chicken and 2 cans green chilies (I puree my green chilis).

Layer six corn tortillas, half the chicken mixture, and 4 ounces shredded cheddar in a 9×13 pan. Repeat layers a second time. I used extra sharp cheddar and it was way sharper than I like so we used only 4 ounces of cheese total. I prefer mild cheddar or colby jack.

Tortilla Bake ~

Bake  350º for about 35 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly.

Chicken Tortilla Bake


  • about 3 cups cooked chicken, chopped
  • 5 tablespoons butter
  • 5 tablespoons flour
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 2 cans green chilies
  • 12 corn tortillas
  • 8 ounces cheddar cheese, grated


  1. (Season boneless skinless chicken breast with a few shakes of onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Cook over medium heat in non-stick skillet until no longer pink.Slice and chop.)
  2. Melt the butter in skillet.
  3. Whisk in flour, until thoroughly combined.
  4. Whisk in 1 1/2 cups milk. Stir until thickened.
  5. Add chicken and green chilies.
  6. Layer 6 of the tortillas in the bottom of a greased 9 x 13 pan.
  7. Add half chicken mixture and half the cheese.
  8. Repeat layers
  9. Bake 350º for 35 minutes or until cheese is melted and dish is hot and bubbly.

I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Created by God and Very Good

~ LifeOfJoy.meRecently I’ve been struck with how Christians have made some mistakes where sex education are concerned. Yes, I said sex education. In their earnestness to convey that purity is of utmost importance and that sex outside of marriage is sinful, it seems it may have been misconstrued or merely misunderstood that all sex is sinful. When the truth of the matter is that God is the creator of sex. It is a beautiful and enjoyable thing inside the boundaries of marriage.

I know that we do not talk about the pleasantries of sex with our unmarried children so as not to make them want to experiment for themselves outside of marriage. But by only telling our children that sex is wrong outside of marriage, we could be setting them up for trouble once they are married.

I cannot remember what I told my oldest children about sex, as they are now 23 and 21. When my oldest got married, I made myself available to his wife, for any conversations she wanted to have. I encouraged her and told her that it was normal for there to be a “learning curve” in intimate things. I then shared with her a wonderful resource on To Love Honor and Vacuum by Sheila Gregoire, a series of posts entitled 29 Days To Great Sex, which you can find starting here. This was a help to her. I also recommended Shelia’s book The Good Girl’s Guide To Great Sex which is a great resource as well.

Recently I have made sure that my 17 year old daughter is aware that sex is a wonderful and enjoyable thing that God himself made. I let her know that God wants us to have sex and to enjoy it but only in the confines of marriage. I told her that she must be vigilant to keep herself pure until she gets married. She assured me that I had already given this knowledge; so for that I was grateful.

If you are struggling in intimacy with your husband, go to Sheila’s blog, work through the 29 Days to Great Sex series or buy her book based off the series, 31 Days to Great Sex and work through it with your husband. Please know that God created us to enjoy sex in marriage and that it is a wonderful thing that binds a man and a woman together in a unique way.

Also, pray about what to teach your children about sex and when to teach it to them; make sure they are prepared but not enticed to experience sex outside of marriage or jump into marriage without being ready to commit to forever, just to experience intimacy. God’s timing is never too late nor too early.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Conference Week


It’s been a busy busy week! I was able to make some salads for some sweet people this week. I made a simple tossed salad, a taco salad, and a chicken mango salad with homemade raspberry vinaigrette. All three were enjoyed by all that tried them.

I was honored to serve in the kitchen at our church conference this week. The staff really protects the volunteers’ time allowing us to be in the services. They have streamlined the process in such a way that we miss little of the service at all. This is contrary to my natural instincts but something I’ve worked towards this week.

The services were absolutely awesome!!! I have come away thoroughly encouraged to pray more, read the Bible more, and worship the Lord more than ever before. I’m excited to see how my life will change in the months to come.

Unfortunately, it is hayfever time in Oklahoma! Ugh! Tiffany got hit with mega-stuffiness early this week; she even stayed home and rested on Tuesday because she hardly slept all night long. I have had headaches this week. I started the week with a sinus headache which finally left before the end of service Sunday night. My days have run together but I had another headache on one side of my head for longer than a day and then a short break followed by a headache for 32 hours. I then had relief for a day and have had to fight all day Thursday to keep it at bay. I’ll be glad to find out the cause of it, as I’m not sure if it is something I’m eating or if it is something in the air. ;)

I’m looking forward to a restful weekend and will be attempting to keep off of my feet because they have been swollen for a couple of days now. I’m used to them swelling up a bit when I’m on them, working as a volunteer in kitchens but this has been odd because when I awoke Thursday morning they were still slightly swollen. Usually they go back to normal overnight. I gave up wearing my normal dress shoes on Monday. Thankfully, I have some nice flip-flops that didn’t bring my outfit down too much. ;)

Mike has been such a sweetie this week. He rubbed my feet twice already. A few hours after I take a shower, my feet get really dry and with them being swollen, he has been a dear and rubbed them with lotion! I’m sooo blessed! He and Sean cleaned up the dinner on Tuesday night, since my feet were swollen and Tiffany wasn’t feeling good. I have some good guys!!! Sean and Tiff had youth night at church Wednesday and Thursday nights, so Mike suggested we eat out so  I wouldn’t have to cook. Then last night he helped me make dinner and he cleaned up after dinner while I took a nap to keep that nasty headache at bay; like I said, I’m blessed!

Well, I’ll run for now, busy day ahead. Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


I thought this was a good article with some great links for some free typing instruction. I hope it is helpful to you.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Typing TutorialsKeyboard ~

By Andy Harris

When I was growing up, I was expected to take a typing class in high school. We had mostly manual typewriters, as well as a few electric typewriters with the automatic carriage return. Typing was taught in the vocational education program, and nobody learned to type until high school. People were expected to type college papers, but typing wasn’t usually expected until the high school level.

Things have changed.

With the advent of computing, high-end word processors, and electronic documents, typing has shifted from being a vocational skill needed at the high school level to a skill that’s now needed by elementary school students. The issue is how to teach typing in a way that will be practical and useful. Fortunately, typing is a repetitive skill that is ideal to teach via the use of computing technology.

There are many great free apps for teaching kids (and adults) how to type well. This month, I highlight a number of great typing programs. All are completely free and work on any reasonably modern computer. They do require an Internet connection, but the connection doesn’t need to be terribly fast.

I recommend using a full-size keyboard for typing instruction, preferably a real keyboard (not a laptop). You can get a USB keyboard quite inexpensively, and it should work with no problems on pretty much any computer. Laptop keyboards are often a bit non-standard and aren’t always full-size. Typing instruction is one place where a traditional computer may be a better option than a tablet.


TypingWeb ( is a website devoted to typing instruction. It has a number of interesting features and is one of the more complete sites available. It requires a login, but the content is completely free. You can purchase an upgrade, but as long as you don’t mind advertisements, the free version has everything you need.

You can create multiple accounts to keep track of each student’s work independently, and you can also set up a teacher account to manage all your students’ records. You get complete feedback from each lesson, including identification of the problem keys and speed/accuracy reports.

The site also includes a very nice typing test that helps you determine each student’s current skill level. As the student types, the program identifies problem keys and generates custom letters that let him focus on the keys that are giving him trouble. Many lessons are available to students, ranging from quite simple to more complex. Results from the typing test will help a student determine which lessons he needs to begin with, and students can take the test many times to evaluate their skills.

When he’s ready, the student can take an “official” test that leads to certification by the Typing Institute of America. Successful completion of the test results in a printable certificate that displays the speed and level of accuracy he has achieved. This is a nice benefit, especially for older students who are interested in adding certifications for job placement.

The lessons are sensible but not exciting. The site comes with a number of interesting, fun, motivating games. I especially like the “Fruit Ninja” clone, in which you type letters to slice up innocent produce. There are a number of other fun typing games that invite you, for example, to kill zombies (another functional skill) or play a form of “dance revolution” (if you don’t know this one, your kids do) using the keyboard, and there is even a cup-stacking game. The games are pretty fun and have very appealing themes and graphics. You might have trouble getting kids to do the lessons, but the games will be highly motivating and might be all they really need.

If you need more practice, you can also find lessons based on current headlines from various sources. My oldest son will type sports headlines all day long, even though he’s not quite equipped to type at that level of proficiency. Note that you may need to keep an eye on the content, as the stories are pulled from actual news websites and may contain content you may need to talk with students about or avoid entirely. (The sports stories today “feature” a number of drug-testing scandals, for example.) Overall, is an excellent resource for teaching your family to type, and it’s totally free.

Dance Mat Typing
Dance Mat Typing ( is a really great typing site produced by the BBC. This program is interactive and colorful; students are guided through lessons by animated animals. There is far more instruction in this program than is offered on the site, and it feels much more guided. However, the animations may put off older children, and the animals speak with thick accents, which may be difficult for some students to understand.

The entire program is presented as a game, with multiple levels and stages. Each level is a mini-game. You can print off a worksheet to help you practice the concepts for each of the mini-games. The game requires no login, but it also doesn’t keep track of individual progress.

Dance Mat Typing works in Flash, so it requires you to be online to play the games. It will work on nearly any computer that supports Flash. There is a non-Flash version of each game, but the Flash versions are much more interesting. Dance Mat Typing is ideal for use by younger learners. It does not support full words or sentences but focuses on learning all the letters in a fun and interactive way.

Free Typing Games
FreeTypingGame.Net is another site that offers dozens of great typing resources ( ), including many interesting games that can be played at a number of levels. As usual, the games involve typing various sequences to zap aliens, drive racecars, or participate in other high-interest activities.

The site also includes a number of typing tutorials. Each tutorial focuses on two letters at a time. If a student walks through all the tutorials, she should be well prepared to play the games. The games can be customized to support each lesson, so you can adjust the difficulty of the game to emphasize whatever specific skills the student is currently working on.

You can also take a timed test to check your current speed and accuracy. A leader board is available, if you want to compare your scores with others’ scores, but this could be discouraging for some kids. (I typed 79 WPM with 100% accuracy and scored only 62nd on the leader board.) This site does not keep track of individual student progress, so you’ll need to track your students’ progress manually, but this can still be a great addition to your bag of typing tricks.

With these sites, you should have no trouble finding great tools to help you teach typing to your kids. Let me know if you find any other great resources!


Andy Harris is a homeschool dad, father of four great kids, and husband to the greatest homeschool teacher ever. He has taught all ages of students, from kindergarten to university level. Andy is the author of a number of well-known books, including HTML/XHTML/CSS: All in One for Dummies, Game Programming—The L Line, PHP6/ MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner, and Beginning Flash Game Programming for Dummies. For more information about his books, to see where he is speaking next, or to just say hi, please stop by his website:

Copyright 2012, used with permission. All rights reserved by author. Originally appeared in the September 2012 issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, the family education magazine. Read the magazine free at or read it on the go and download the free apps at to read the magazine on your mobile devices.

Turning the Tile

Bad ING ~ LifeOfJoy.meNot too long ago I tangled in my calendar; I’ve gotten out of the habit of tangling every day in it, unfortunately. On this particular day I was working on ING and not being very successful at it. Odds are I will end up loving this tangle, as that is what seems to happen with tangles that I struggle with at first. ;)

Any way, I started with the big ING (the triangle pattern in the middle and up the 1) and then added the ING chain across it. Thoroughly disliking what I had so far, I thought I’d add something behind it, thus the big target thingy. I wasn’t thrilled with what I had and kept adding to it until I even went over into the empty space to the left. (I did tell you I hadn’t drawn in my calendar for a while.) Then as I was nearing the end, I made a mistake, thus the oddly placed Bronx Cheer (raspberry shape at the upper left). I finally just called it quits and went on and decided to draw a big Mooka in the previous space (day 11).

Plaid Mooka ~

I’d seen some other Mooka recently and thought I’d revisit this tangle (another one that I didn’t do very well in the beginning). In the past, I haven’t put big enough balls at the top of each upward stroke, so I was deliberately focusing on that this time and mostly, I like the results. I had seen the “plaid” pattern (MacDee) on The Diva Challenge one week but had not used it yet and thought it would be a great background here. It isn’t perfect but I like the results well enough, in spite of the messy final bit of mooka and shaky lines in macdee.

Then I went on the the last space on the left of the calendar page and just started drawing leaf shapes. I don’t even know if they are an official tangle (not official as in Official Zentangle Tangle but official as in someone has named it and created step-outs) or not; I can only imagine they are.

Msst Leaves ~ LifeOfJoy.meI filled in the background with Msst and added some teardrop/raindrop shapes – again, I have no idea if this is a “pattern” or not, I just drew it. ;) These last two are excellent examples of the importance of shading, as I believe it really makes them pop.

Here they are all together, as in the calendar.

All Three 10, 11, 12 ~ LifeOfJoy.meAnd I still didn’t like that first one (on 12) until I was showing it to Lauren, my daughter-in-love. I turned it upside down to show it to her, as she was sitting across from me and this is what I saw.

Upside down 10, 11, 12 ~ LifeOfJoy.meTurned Tile ~

All of a sudden, I saw some creature, be it bird, scarecrow or what, carrying the berry, and I didn’t dislike so much. That is when I realized the importance of turning your tile and viewing it from different perspectives. I guess the same thing could be said for things that happen in life; if we take the time to view it from a different angle, we just might find something worthwhile in even the worst situations.

That’s all for today so, until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Chicken Fajitas

Chicken FajitasI know this isn’t the best photo. I’ll probably attempt to take some better ones of the final product next time I make these and update the photo then. I also want to give Sean, Tiff, and Lauren credit as they have helped me out by taking some pictures for me as I prep food (so yes, those are my plump hands ;) ).

This is actually a recipe that I made on my own, not that I made up the recipe for chicken fajitas, but I took the idea I saw somewhere else and changed it up a lot. Most of the recipes I use have been gotten from somewhere else and we’ve been having for quite some time but this one is much newer.

Did you know that ingredients can taste different depending on how they are cut? It sounds odd to me because it is what it is and how can cutting it up differently change anything but it does. Try it for yourself.

Cutting Mini Pepper ~ LifeOfJoy.meSo when I cut the ingredients for these fajitas, I cut them from pole to pole making long thin strips.

This day I used colored mini peppers because I had an abundance of them but you can also use the full size and only use about 1/3 of the pepper, like I did with the green pepper this day. So with the mini pepper, I cut off the top ( you can see in the upper right corner of the photo) ,then I cut it down the middle from the cut top to the point, remove any large veins and seeds inside, and then I take each half and cut it into thin strips. I cut about 2 of the red and two of the yellow; they were rather large for mini peppers.

Bell Pepper ~ LifeOfJoy.meNext up is the green pepper, of which I use about a third, so I cut down to the right of the center and remove any big veins and seeds that may be in that portion. Then slice, pole to pole, like I did the mini peppers, into thin strips.


Now for the onion, which I cut the same way, removing the poles (top and bottom) and outer layer.

Onion in Half ~ LifeOfJoy.meRemove top and

And then cut into thin strips, pole to pole, like the peppers. First cut is nearly sideways ~ LifeOfJoy.meSlicing Onion ~

Put a couple of tablespoons of oil in skillet over medium high heat. When pan and oil are hot, add in the onions and peppers. Sprinkle onions and peppers with a bit of salt to help them cook faster. (I like my veggies caramelized or nearly so – no crunchy veggies for me.)

Once I get these veggies started, I slice the mushrooms the same way and add to the pan with a sprinkling of oil. (I used coconut oil.)

Slicing Chicken Breast ~ LifeofJoy.meNow I slice the chicken breast, it would probably be more flavorful if I would do this first, but mine was still quite frozen this day and I was thawing it in a bowl of water, as I prepped the veggies.

Trim the fat off and then cut into thin strips. As the strips get thicker, cut those strips into 2-3 thin strips, so all the strips are roughly the same size.

Season Meat ~ LifeOfJoy.mePut the chicken strips in a bowl and season with about 1/4 – 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar and about 1/4 cup olive oil. Then add 3/4 tsp onion powder, 3/4 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp chili powder, 1/4 tsp cumin, and 1/4 tsp paprika. Stir to coat all the chicken well. Let this sit for anywhere from 5-10 minutes to several hours covered in the refrigerator. Then heat a skillet pretty hot and cook the chicken until no longer pink. This will take about 5-15 minutes depending on how long it marinated and if your pieces of chicken were completely thawed. ;)

Heat tortillas. We like both small corn tortillas and medium-sized whole wheat tortillas. We also like to “fry” these in a bit of coconut oil.Frying Tortillas ~

Cooked Veggies ~ LifeOfJoy.meCooked Meat ~

Here is Tiffany’s fajita, assembled with a bit of veggies, cheese, and chicken on whole wheat tortilla. Here’s mine with a nice pile of veggies, a few pieces chicken. I did top it off with a nice bit of cheddar cheese and some sour cream, as shown in the first photo above. WW Fajita ~ LifeOfJoy.meCorn Tortilla Fajita ~

Chicken Fajitas


  • 4-6 mini peppers
  • 1/3 of large green pepper
  • 1 small onion
  • 4 oz fresh mushrooms
  • about 1 pound chicken breast
  • 1/4-1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1/4-1/2 cup olive oil (or your choice of oil for marinating chicken)
  • 3/4 teaspoon each onion powder and garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon each paprika and cumin
  • 2-4 tablespoons coconut oil (or whatever oil you choose to use, if you "fry" your tortillas)
  • 8 ounce cheddar cheese
  • sour cream


  1. Remove any fat from chicken breast and cut into thin strips. Place chicken strips in a bowl with enough balsamic vinegar (about 1/4 cup) and olive oil to coat well. Add onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder, paprika, and cumin and mix to coat chicken evenly. Cover and refrigerate for 10 minutes or several hours.
  2. Slice peppers, onions, and mushrooms, thinly and saute in a few tablespoons of coconut oil (or oil of our choice) over medium heat until desired doneness. I like mine caramelized or nearly so. Add just a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar to veggies to give them added flavor.
  3. Saute the chicken in either a non-stick pan or in enough oil to keep it from sticking. Since I don't usually marinate my chicken very long, I dump chicken and all juice into pan and cook until no longer pink. This should only take a few minutes.
  4. Heat tortillas. We like to "fry" these in a bit of oil. Place on paper towels to remove excess oil.
  5. Shred cheddar or pepper jack cheese and place items on the table for individuals to build their fajitas as they please.
  6. I like to layer it like this: tortilla, veggies, meat, cheese, and sour cream placed along the side of the pile of goodies placed down the center of the tortilla. Fold in half and eat. Have napkins handy!



LifeOfJoy.meShort and sweet today because it has been a very tiring day. We are having conference at our church this week and had three services today.

Here are a few key things that have helped Mike and I stay together. ;)

  • When we said I do, we determined that there was no “out” clause. {Now, this is not to pass condemnation on to anyone else or to say that there is not occasion for divorce; that’s not what this is about.}
  • We are both stubborn and use that to our benefit. We are too stubborn to give up on each other. ;)
  • We work at our marriage, giving of ourselves to the other.
  • Don’t ever go to bed angry.


My advice to newly weds or those engaged, planning for their marriage:

  • Write down all the things you love about your betrothed because there will be times, all too soon, when you will be upset about things they do and being able to go back and read in your own words, the things you love about your dear one will be a huge help to you.
  • This is your “happily ever after” so remember that and work at it when it seems contrary. Real life creeps in all too soon and sometimes you have to just be intentional and do nice things even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Remember this is the one you love, so treat him like it, even when he doesn’t ‘deserve’ it.

Those are my thoughts for today, so until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº