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Zen-Untangled Catch-Up Week 2

Alice provided us with about five strings including a zenbutton template. I drew them all out but only got two done. But hey, I got two done this week, instead of my usual one tile. :) She said to use any of the tangles we have already covered or any we want to include. I stuck with ones we’ve done so far in the 8 weeks of this project.

I did intend to try my hand at a zenbutton but the week got away from me before I got around to doing it. So, maybe I’ll do that in a future week. :) I currently have three webpages open in my browser with fragments and reticula to use on one.

I’m looking forward to putting my new routine into practice this week. I’ve glance at the tangles for week nine but have since forgotten them. ;) I’ll get organized later today and do a step-out for one new-to-me tangle.

Any way, here is a scan of the first tile I did. I used Nipa, Echoism, Florz, and Cubine.

I forgot to take a picture of the string. So I marked the string in red on this one.

As you can see,  I carried Nipa and Florz over into a second section of the string and opted to leave four sections empty. I didn’t want it to get too busy. Here is the picture in beautiful sunshine. :) (It’s nice to have sunshine again.)

Here is the other tile I did: scan, string, and then natural light. I used Xircus (or the idea of Xircus), Hollibaugh, and Festune.

The borders on this one were really different. I liked it. Then the string was loopy, which I also liked.I know it isn’t exactly Xircus and there is probably a tangle that it is more like but Xircus is what inspired me. I don’t think it is important to have a specific name to each piece of my tile. :)

Here are the finished tiles, first the scans and then the ones taken outside in the sunshine . . . I’m so thankful for shading.

Drupe and Its Look-Alikes

I think I should have used the catch-up week strings  last week. This week’s tangles, although some are very similar which I will get to in a moment, were mostly ones for which I didn’t have step-outs done already. Alice puts up the new week’s tangles and string on Saturday, so even if I did one every day, I wouldn’t have all of them done by Tuesday night to write up my blog post.

So I think next week I may do the string catch-up week and share that here next week, so that I just get in the habit of tangling every day. We shall see. ;)

This week’s tangles are Tagh, Ibex, Facade, Drupe, Dyon, Xircus, and Fracas. I’ve tangled Tagh before but didn’t make a step-out for it.

Here’s a tile I did last year using Tagh. Oh! I think a local CZT, Pam Newman, taught me this one while she still had monthly gatherings. I should probably set up a time to visit her again. :)

Facade looks like a blend of Nipa and Hollibaugh to me. I really like it even though I don’t do it real well.

On my tile, I used wider Hollibaugh lines and I have to admit that the thinner lines are easier to put the orbs behind.

I didn’t shade Ibex on my stepout, as I was getting a bit tired of all my tangling in one day but I had to press on, so shading got shorted. :)

Then comes Drupe. This is the one that I did have drawn already and I haven’t scanned it or taken a picture of it though . . . sorry about that. But here is a link to the step-out online.

Then there is Dyon which is so similar to Drupe. It seems that the only difference is the lack of some straight lines in each section between the arched lines.Then there is Fracas which uses the same combined x and + as the base that both Drupe and Dyon uses. The lines on each section for this one are arced the opposite way from the previous tangles and then blacken every other band.

I like this one . . . it kind of reminds me of a spider web. I think this is my favorite.

Then the last one is Xircus which I’d never heard of before but I really like it. Because it has a lot of repetitive lines.

I think Drupe, Dyon, and Fracas are just tangleations of each other but they were probably named before they came up with the word tangleation and before there were SOOOO many tangles.

Here’s my tile before I did the shading.

Here is the same unshaded tile but the picture was taken outside on a very overcast day. And then here it is again shaded; first the scan and then the outside picture.

I chose to put one section of each of those four similar tangles on the bottom left. I also did some extra shading on the spirals of Ibex. I like how the tile ended up. I think I enjoy Xircus more than the other similar tangles.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know which is your favorite of the four (Drupe, Dyon, Fracas, or Xircus) tangles, down in the comments.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº