Nature Walks, Scavenger Hunts, and More

Hunt: Mushroom ~ LifeOfJoy.meI’ve got some fun links for you today, some of which are a bit older but perfect for this time of year. I’ll start with Nature Walks. This first link has 19 different ideas for things to look for while on a nature walk. The ideas are good for a large span of ages . . . ok, they are good for any age. ;) 19 Nature Walk Ideas

Next up is a printable Outdoor Scavenger Hunt. It has boxes where the child can draw/sketch what they found. There are specific items to look for like a flower or cloud, sensory items to look for, like something rough or wet, and more. It’s really neat printable that you could use all at once or just do parts of it at a time, using the one printable for several different walks. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

This one is a really neat one for the youngest ones. This one is a bit different because you are focusing on sounds rather than sights. I’m sure you could adapt it for older ones too. Sound Walk

This last link is the jackpot; It has 40+ links for different Nature Walk posts and printables. There are links to an I Spy with Wild Animal Clues, a Paper Bag Nature Journal, finding shapes in nature, more listening/sound walks, sensory hunts, writing prompts and much more!  N is For Nature Walks

Indoor Scavenger Hunts

Here’s a fun way to do some work with math facts. Math Post-It Note Scavenger Hunt Following the links in her post led me to other post-it note hunts she did with her son. One is this Scrambled Story that she created from online printables from DLTK, which then led her to make her Hidden Story Scramble. I like that she does all this with her child after he gets home from school. :)

The author of the math hunt got the idea from this hunt. Sentence Building Hunt  She took a sentence and wrote one word on each post-it note, hid them in a defined space and had her kids hunt for them When they found them they talked about what part of speech each word was and formed it into a sentence. It might be fun to see how many different sentences could be made with the same words.


On the same site with the math post-it note scavenger hunt, I found some activities for working with charts. Although I cannot access the site that she got the idea from, she said the originator used site words. She used the names of the Crayola crayons. Colors Word Roll

Then she made a treasure map chart and hid clues, making it another hunt. :) Treasure Map

Bonus Link and Article

If you can take the time to put in a little bit more effort, this site has some really good game ideas to make to help with review and drill work. Games For Learning

And I will leave you with an interesting article about the fidgety child and helping them focus on learning. One thing I found interesting that the author said was that the fidgety child has to focus so hard on being still that he/she cannot focus on leaning. Helping the Fidgety Child Focus and Learn

That’s all for today, so until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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