A Busy Day

Busy Day ~ LifeOfJoy.meOk, I’ll admit it, I like movies and television shows. I especially like sci-fi shows. But please tell me why all of the good shows have to be on the same two nights! Well, I guess it is three nights. Then, because we don’t have cable or satellite, there are some that we have to watch online because we don’t get the channel.  It’s always happy sad when a series ends – happy because hopefully the characters you wanted together finally got together but sad because it is over. I like it when after the series is over the same characters make a movie to either continue or wrap up loose ends. I do not like it when a series is left hanging. :(

Tiffany and I caught up on  a few shows we hadn’t seen in a while. We like Once Upon A Time, The Mentalist, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Blacklist, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Arrow, Doctor Who, and Castle, not sure about Person of Interest any more but still watching it, and Elementary; I like White Collar. We are way way behind on Bones, as we stopped watching it when there was some sleeping around going on but I’m told they stopped that, so we will probably try to catch up on it at some point. I miss Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe. There are a few that I never saw when aired but liked them when we found them online to watch (I think we started watching them on Netflix or Amazon Prime), Farscape and Eureka.

I’m liking the new shows Forever and scorpion; I hope they make it. I’m told Chuck was good, so we may be looking for that to watch on some online service since it is over too. We used to like Survivor and Amazing Race but just got tired of all that and their backstabbing and we’ve never really been into the singing shows. We did like America’s got talent for a bit but got tired of it too, because singers kept winning and there are shows for singing talents; we wanted to see other talents. ;)

It Begins . . .

Tiffany went out this morning to feed the animals and found the chickens were out of the coop because Phillipe started chasing her. She made it back in before he attacked her; he’s got some huge talons. So the normal procedure is to let them free range throughout the day and then in the evening they will go back in the coop and someone will go out and close the coop up.

Mike and I went out to dinner with Brian and Lauren. It’s fun and inexpensive. We go for their $14.99 four course meal and split it: Mike eats the salad, I eat the soup, we split the Alfredo and dessert. We eat for $20 and Brian and Lauren eat for $20. Cheap date night! Nice fellowship. It’s worth the effort to get our hermitish (Is that even a word?) selves out of the house for a bit.

So we came home and checked to see if the kids had remembered to close the coop, when I spied some black little piles across the back yard. Then I saw Max, our big black dog – he’d gotten off his chain and had attacked the chickens. All were dead and four are MIA. We’ll see if we have any left in the morning. Very sad and troubling!!! I think Max will be moved to a friends’ place where there are 900 acres to roam; he’ll like that better than being chained up because he is a free spirit that adopted us several years ago. One day a neighbor came and asked if he was our dog (not really but we have a house he can sleep in and give him food) and proceeded to inform us that if he saw him on his property again he was going to shoot him because he’d eaten an entire 40 pound bag of dog food he’d just gotten. So, for his own good and because he was such a loveable sort, we chained him up. He has not liked that, so I’m sure he’ll be happy for the move.

Our church has a conference next week. Tiffany and I are helping in the kitchen. We went to help clean the kitchen this morning . . . it is now sparkling clean. We had a great group of volunteers. Since the conference is next week, I made a menu to get us through the conference and then to Tuesday of the next week and I ended up making the menus for four weeks total. Then I’m making salads for three days of the conference, so now I have to make my grocery list before we run our errands. I’m tired just thinking about it. ;)

I also have to do my nails, since the conference is next week. I like to have pretty nails; gel nails last for about two weeks and they make my nails more durable, which is a plus when working in a kitchen. I love to have my nails done but hate taking the time to do them. Since I wait so long to do them, my nails need a lot of attention and it ends up taking me close to two hours to get my fingernails and toenails finished but it must be done. ;)

Well, it’s been a long busy day (yes, I’m doing this post on Thursday night at 9 pm) so, I’m going to go for now. Have a great weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

UPDATE:  The four MIA chickens survived last night’s massacre! Yay!!!

4 thoughts on “A Busy Day

  1. Omg. NOW WHAT R U GOING TO DO FOR FRESH EGGS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did u do with the chickens. Were u able to save any for meals. I don’t mean to sound harsh but it would be a huge waste if u couldn’t use any. I’m afraid John would have beat that poor dog to death. I’m sorry to say that, but u put a lot of work into those chickens. How is Tiffany? I hope she is okay. They were her babies.

    1. We still have 4 hens, which is much more manageable! We will probably get a few Sussex next spring but evidently we aren’t the kind to butcher our own chickens just yet . . . maybe in a few more years. :D Apparently they were too old for tasting very good.

      Yes, Tiff is fine . . . we are both glad we still have 4. I was afraid he was going to shoot Max. He took him to Deb’s this morning.

    1. Oh, it’s ok . . . we had another hen limp out of the woods the other day, so we now have 5. That’s more manageable anyway, since no one here seems to want to be a butcher. ;)

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