Diva Challenge #187 Blind String


This week’s challenge, #187, is a blind string challenge. I cannot remember making a blind string before. I was surprised that my string ended up smaller than I anticipated.

Blind String #187 ~ LifeOfJoy.me


At first I thought I might just draw some ‘beads’ on the string but then I had more spaces to fill. I filled one with Hurry and then one with Nipa. That left a lot of white space and just didn’t seem finished. So I added more ‘rings’ around the bottom section to try and fill it out a bit.



Red String ~ LifeOfJoy.me



The red line is the string I drew. I was frustrated when I realized I didn’t scan my string first. I used a program and drew over the string with red, so it could be seen. As you can see, it was a bit compressed leaving a lot of white space, maybe the next time I try a blind string I’ll get it a little larger. What’s the worst thing that can happen? I could go off the tile but that could be interesting too. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

12 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #187 Blind String

  1. hahaha! blind strings are interesting, mine is always too small, too, so this time i kept that in mind and tried to make it fill the tile. it didn’t. i have white space, too.

    your tile turned out great, thanks for doing the red line to show us where the string was to begin with. i’m always trying to figure that out. all your beads turned out great :)

    1. Thanks sooo much Alice. I popped over to your site to check yours out and I love what you did with it! I appreciate your kind words and your time.

  2. nice tile – I like how you have used the string as a guideline and how you have gone outside that line when you needed to to give a good work of art.

    1. Thank you Annemarie! I figured it wasn’t very obvious with this tile, so I needed to include it, even though I forgot to scan it first . . . note to self: at least take a picture with my phone before filling in a tile, as it wasn’t easy remembering where my string was to begin with. ;)

  3. I like what you did with your string. Sometimes we think we are drawing a lot bigger than we actually are. Your choice of tangles was good.

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