How to Find Meat Deals

The last couple of weeks I have been really getting some great meat deals! I thought I’d share with you how I found them.

So first up was a deal on chicken breasts at Aldi. The cheapest I’ve seen them is $1.49 a pound but then that was only like once or twice ever. $1.69 is the low I usually see. Well two weeks ago I saw that there were two $1 off stickers on some of the large packages of chicken breasts AND they were already at $1.49 a pound pricing.

Now the way you get the best deal per pound on the meat like that is to find the smallest packages because the $2 will be taken off the total. So if there were 5 pounds of chicken you’d be saving forty cents a pound but if there were only 4 pounds of meat then you are saving fifty cents a pound.

When I shop in our stores, I do a quick walk through the meat department looking for any sales or price reductions. I have found that Walmart has miscalculated the price per unit before, so if it doesn’t seem right, do the math yourself. ;)

Two weeks ago at Sprouts they had BOGO rump roasts and they were $4.99 a pound. So that meant that if I found two roasts the same weight (or very close to the same weight) they’d be $2.49 a pound but since Michael cannot eat beef right now and he didn’t have any work for nearly a month, that I should not spend that much money on meat he couldn’t eat. (Sorry for the incredibly long sentence!) Anyway, I checked it out again last week when we went and they’d raised the price per pound to $7.99! Uh yeah, that’s no bueno. :o Glad I didn’t want to buy any. :D

Last week I was on the Flipp app and clicked the grocery tab. I looked at my Sprouts, Aldi, and Walmart ads and saw Cash Saver. Now Cash Saver is a tricky store because they say they sell everything at cost + 10% added at the register. I personally don’t believe that is the case with every item in the store but believe that is the case with their sale items because each one of those has it listed on the price signs.

At any rate, they had chicken breast at 97¢ a pound, so that makes it $1.06 a pound which is the cheapest I can get it. We got 4 of their largest packages and had about twenty pounds of meat. Now those were frozen but frozen touching each other, so I had to put the in my refrigerator for them to thaw a bit so that I could separate them into individual breasts. (I place one in either a freezer or storage quart baggie and then put several of those into a gallon size bag so they don’t get lost in the freezer.

They also had whole pork butts on sale for $1.05 so that made it $1.15, which is also the cheapest I can get those. My low price has been $1.49 a pound so far. Now these were not frozen and came two to a package. So I individually wrapped them and froze them. I like to use freezer baggies. However, the one was too big, so I had to cut it and put it into two baggies but labeled them part a and b because one part had the bone and wouldn’t be a lot of meat all by itself. When I cook these up, we will have some for dinner but then I will bag the rest up for several more meals that will only require reheating/crisping. :)

Oh, to finish about Cash Saver, it is not a store I’ve ever gone to before. I did send Michael one time to a different one before because we get a flyer from a store in our county, but we don’t ever go to it. Since the store listed in the Flipp app ad was on the side of town and only a couple miles from Gardners (our used book store), I decided it would be good to check it out.

While at Cash Saver, I saw they had sausage for 89¢ pound, so it was only 97¢ a pound. Now here is where impulse buying is not good. This was meat and I didn’t even think to read the ingredient label. :p When I was filming a video for my meat bargains I saw that it had some things added for preserving flavor and later saw it also has MSG. SO…I probably won’t be buying that again but it did taste good. ;)

When I found turkeys at Walmart a few weeks ago at only 50¢ a pound, it was from just wandering through the meat department and actually looking at the turkey tags. I did this because I remembered one year overhearing a lady asking about turkey breasts that were just 30¢ or so a pound. So now I check around and after holidays for clearances. :)

So those are my tips:

  • check the local sale papers
  • check Flipp app and other such apps
  • walk through the meat department  looking for sales and reduced prices but be aware that when an item is marked down, the price per unit may not be accurate

I hope this post helps you find some meat bargains. I find meat is one of the most expensive things in my grocery budget, so finding bargains can really help lower the grocery bill.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

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