Locar, Pepper, and Nipa

This is catch-up week on the Zen-Untangled 2020 project over on Tangle All Around facebook group. She did offer up seven new strings to play with any of the tangles so far. I however, am just finishing up with week four. I’m having to do most of the stepouts this week even though I am familiar with most of the tangles.

Well, Nipa and Pepper are two I love and actually have stepouts already done for them. Verdigogh is one that I have printed out from my beginnings of Zentangle and Molygon is not a favorite of mine but I know its steps. Ellish is one I’m familiar with but don’t prefer either but have made a stepout for it because I did start tangling with it in church one week and realized that I didn’t exactly know the steps from memory. ;) So Bumper and Locar, which are very similar to each other, are the others that I needed to do the stepouts for. I did get those two drawn but not shaded yet.

I only did the stepout for Locar but not the sample on the front of my ATC card. Thus I have not shared it here.

I used the week four string that Alice provided. Here is the scan of my unshaded tile.

Then I added some graphite shading.

Here is the picture of the finished tile. It was after dark, so I had to take it inside. It is kinder than the scan. ;)

It amazes me how the tile can look so different from different angles.

Actually Locar and Bumper are very similar to Verdigogh to me and Verdigogh is one that I always have had trouble with.

Well, I gotta run . . . thanks for stopping by.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

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