Diva Challenge #201 – Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

This week’s challenge is to use the logo for Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day as the string. The Diva, Laura Harms’ youngest son has Moebius Syndrome and thus the yearly challenge.

I struggle re-creating intricate strings and this is one such string for me. Thus I’m not really happy with how this zentangle looks but I’m embracing it with all its flaws. Since I made my string so thin, it reminds me of a pretzel. :D
DC#201 MS ~ LifeofJoy.me

I used Shattuck on the string and MacDee on the background. Although I did not participate in challenge #180, which was a Use My Tangle challenge in which I was first introduced to MacDee, I really like it. It is soooo simple to do. Of course, my lines are generally wavy instead of straight but I’m embracing my imperfections as one commenter told me last year.

Well, I’m going to keep this short today. I may add to it if I manage to get any other challenges (or focuses) done this week.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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