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Math Help ~ LifeOfJoy.meSo this was inspired by my talk with my sister Tracie yesterday. I’m hoping it will give her (and anyone else that needs it) some fun ways for her kids to practice those math skills.

This first link is to Clickschooling. It used to be owned by Diane Keith until sometime in 2013. Basically the site shares links on a different topic each day: Monday is Math, Tuesday is Science, Wednesday is Language Arts, Thursday is Social Studies, Friday is Virtual Field Trip, and Saturday is Music, Art, Foreign Language. This is the link to the Math links. Here a website on the daily subject will be described and its targeted audience is shared. There are many years of links here, so dive in and see if you kind find exactly what you are looking for.

Math Help Upper Levels~ LifeOfJoy.meI also heard about Cool Math, which has lots of games. You will want to preview this site to so that you can guide your child in where to go. Once on this site, scroll down below the bears graphic and you will see Featured Cool Math Games. Here you will get a little description of some of the games and their specialty. If your children are younger, Tracie, after looking at the games that may be suitable here, go to their network website which is designed for the earlier math concepts up to pre-algebra but includes fractions (basically ages 3-12, at which time they will find this website – coolmath- helpful).

Then there is HoodaMath. Here you can sort for games geared to certain grades, by game type, or simply by math subject so that you can suggest or assign a game that will work on the targeted subject matter. You should be able to find games that will help your child improve their weak areas.

I hope this helps your children become more fluent with their math facts and find math fun.

If you’d like a little reading on the subject of studying math, you might want to check out this article from The Old Schoolhouse magazine in the January 2013 digital edition.  I was given permission to include it here but I think it would have made this post way too long.

If you have any questions on homeschooling or raising children, please ask and I’ll try to find some help for you.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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