Wings, Visits, Flowers, and Blossoms

Wow, it’s been a busy week here this week and today is no different.  Thankfully we had a slow weekend, although I did a lot of cooking on Saturday. I made some fat bombs which were like candies. Unfortunately I did not see that the recipe called fro UNsalted butter and did not read it carefully enough where it said to omit the salt if using salted butter! Ugh! So the first two I made were WAY WAY WAY too salty-even for Sean, who is my salt fiend. The third one was good, so I’m confident that when I make them again, they’ll all be good.

I also baked some pans of bacon and some yummy chicken wings and I’m not even a huge fan of chicken wings until now. Michael loved them so much that he said he may be bringing some home from time to time for more. :D

Busy Week ~ Lifeofjoy.meDon’t worry, I’ll be sharing the super easy recipe sometime soon. Even Sean liked them, and he’s not a wing fan; he wouldn’t even try one from the first batch. ;)

My sister and her girls came over this week. We had a nice visit.

Family Fun ~ lifeofjoy.meI caught them as they got in their car to leave and made them look at me for a picture. :D

Then I went to check on the peach tree we planted last year because I could see this from the porch.

Peach Tree ~ Lifeofjoy.meI walked over, check it out and was astonished to see that it is loaded with buds and blossoms!!! :p I called Tracie’s attention to it and they got out of their car to take this learning moment.

Peach Tree ~ Lifeofjoy.meAshlee, my oldest niece, counted over one hundred and seventy-five buds and blossoms! AWESOME! Now they are praying with me that the temperature doesn’t dip too low and mess up our peach harvest. :)

Our Bradford Pear Trees are blooming too. They should be in full bloom in a few days.

Trees in Spring ~

While the roses that Michael got me for Valentine’s Day are spent, some of the Lilies are not.

Gorgeous Lily ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt’s huge! Here’s Tiffany’s hand over it.

Huge Lily ~ Lifeofjoy.meShe’s just hovering her and over the stamen. It’s huge!Lily parts ~ Lifeofjoy.meYou can really see the parts here! I love the dark dots. So pretty.

I’m going to try to root the roses next week after it warms back up. I’ll take pictures and keep you posted about their progress.

This also turned out to be the week my parents came for dinner. I managed to snap a picture on their way in this time. ;)

Dinner with Parents ~ Lifeofjoy.meMom always dresses snazzy.  She’s a beautiful woman.

Aldi has a pork roast on sale for $1.49 a pound this week. So, I got that and fixed it. I just put the whole thing in my crockpot on high for about six hours. It turned out soooo tender. It was yummy. I fixed them and Michael some baked potatoes and I also fixed some loaded roasted broccoli, which was also very good. :)

I made low carb chocolate chip muffins for us and some chocolate chip cookies for the carb eaters. Mom tasted one of the muffins and declared it edible. Well, actually, she said that if she couldn’t have sugar that would do. I think they were a tad too sweet because I adjusted the sukrin since I was using sukrin:1 instead of sukrin+ but turns out I didn’t need to do that.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº


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