Afternoon/Early Evening Tidy Up

Afternoon Routine ~ Lifeofjoy.meBack, many years ago, when the children were all young and we were homeschooling, Michael would come home from work and the place would be very lived in. After all, the four of us were home all day, most every day. It wasn’t like we could clean the house on the weekend, be sure it was tidy before we walk out the door Monday morning, and return to a clean house. No. We live here and are here all . . . the . . . time.

Since Michael is a self-employed paint contractor, he does not have regular hours. Consequently, we never knew exactly when he’d be home. Many a day came where he came in the house and we were surrounded by stuff. Needless to say it wasn’t an ideal situation for him to come home to. After many a conversation about the untidy status of the place, we came up with a plan that is still in place to this day. We decided that he would call before he headed home, so that we could do a quick tidy up of the place.

At the time, we lived in town and he could be home in as quickly as about fifteen minutes. So, when we got the call from him, we’d all drop everything and tidy up real fast. It became a sort of game to see if we could get the place in order before he arrived.

Eventually I got a mobile phone and he began texting me when he was headed home. Of course by then we’d moved to the country and we had substantially more time to get things picked up. Today it is only Tiffany and I at home when he texts that he is on his way and we’re no longer homeschooling but I still do a quick pick up when I get the text.

Recently, I’ve been trying to make sure I pretty myself up a bit before he comes, as well. It’s a small thing I can do to make it nice for him when he returns from a hard day at work.

For many years, I would prepare dinner to be ready when he arrived as well. Now we wait until Sean gets home to eat since he gets home after Michael.

These are just a few things I do to welcome my man back home. I encourage you to think about how you welcome your man.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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  1. Very good. I am enjoying reading ur blog today. The food looks good ,I like the pix of the budding of the trees and the flowers. My daffodils are doing great at the front but the ones in the back between the two trees are really “flimsy” this year. Can’t imagine why because there are always tons of them . Also enjoyed the pix of Liam and ur family.

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