Take Time to Relate

This weekend Michael and I went out for a few hours. We still have some of those restaurant gift certificates I bought us for Christmas a few years ago, so we picked one (Olive Garden) and headed out.

You might think that it would be difficult to eat low-carb at Olive Garden (a pasta restaurant) of all places, but I’d heard that they offer zoodles (zucchini spirals) or you can ask for your chosen sauce/dish be put over broccoli. I was optimistic and if it didn’t work out, I just planned to enjoy myself on this rare day out with my honey. :)

They sat us in a very chilly spot, mostly because they had a couple of very large parties coming in, I’m guessing. If I’m chilly, it’s pretty  chilly. ;)

We had a very nice waiter who was obviously pretty busy elsewhere in the restaurant because we didn’t see him often but he did check on use several times regardless. I asked him if they had zoodles; they seemed to have a particular dish with zoodles, so we gave it a try. Zoodles Primavera with grilled chicken.

Michael likes his food really really hot and wished this was a bit warmer. I like my veggies really really done, so I would have preferred them a bit less al dente. But all that aside, it was really good and filling. We got the house salad to go along with it. I did eat a bite or two of the breadsticks, just to see if they were very good but I definitely could have gone without it. If we ever go again, we’ll definitely ask them to hold the bread. ;)

I realized as we drove into town and actually had time to just talk, just the two of us, that we don’t really have much time to do that. It takes a little priming to actually get to talking/communicating. At first Michael thought I had some issue I was trying to bring up. I explained that I was just conversing and he gradually relaxed and we communicated. :)

So my encouragement for today, try to find a time to have a real conversation with your hubby at some point throughout the day at best or at least once a week. Make this conversation one where you don’t talk about the children or to-do lists or issues, you know what the touchy subjects are . . . think about the things you talked about before you were married, hobbies, or some tidbit you picked up. (Here’s a post I wrote a few weeks ago that gives some more ideas.)

All this to say, conversation helps you feel closer and builds your relationship. Don’t forget to converse with God too, because He really helps you in all aspects of your life. :)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

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