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Shopping Scavenger Hunt ;)

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.me For the rest of this month, in honor of Christmas in July, Tiffany is putting her book on sale! If you’d like to read a fun cozy murder mystery (that reads like a romantic comedy at Christmas time), go check out my daughter’s first book, Murder Mystery and the Gingerbread Cookies available on Amazon (and a few other places I can’t recall right now ;) ). She started writing it when she was 12 years old. We published a few years ago in ebook and finally jumped through all the hoops to get it into paperback this past February. If you like ebooks, grab that as it is a better deal for both you and her. ;)

Last Friday I dropped Tiffany off at Gardner’s used books store with a box of books my parents were getting rid of and headed out on my shopping scavenger hunt. :) I talked about the things I was shopping for last week.

Hobby Lobby was my first stop and I scored the lead I was looking for. Very affordable AND I used a 40% off coupon on one. :)

I rushed on out, not getting lured in by all the wonderfulness that is Hobby Lobby or I’d have been there the whole time Tiffany was visiting with a friend at the book store and would have had to go out another day. For a hermit, that is not an appealing thought. So I pushed myself right on out of there and headed over to Shoe Carnival a couple miles up the road.

I went in and found about two rows of Sketchers shoes but most of them have that crazy memory foam insole of which I am not a fan. There were about a half dozen or so of the ones with the go-ga mat insole. Trouble was that the one I really wanted was out of my size and the one I could have settled on was ten dollars cheaper on Amazon than the sale price there. Unfortunately the one I really want is fifteen dollars more than the sale price on Amazon. :( I left there empty handed. (Below is the runner up–not a fan of the pink shoe laces as I would wear them a lot and it just would be too flashy.)

I headed over to Dollar Tree and bonded with another lady in the card section. Four rows of cards and we were both looking for the same occasion card. We chatted about the joys of being a grandparent and shared pictures . . . yep, we’re that grandma. ;)

I almost bought some other things but wasn’t sure Tiffany would like my choices and since they were items for her, I opted to wait until we can go together. Sure hope it’s there next week because she didn’t feel up to going this week.

I then headed to Burlington Coat Factory. By the time I arrived there I had to use the facilities, which was perfect because I needed to check the brand and size of the shorts I was wearing. :) I wasn’t sure if I’d purchased them here or at Ross but I figured if I found the brand I’d be good.

Turns out, I found the exact brand that I have and love! I was glad to be in the right place. I found several pairs of short to try on and ended up with a different brand that feels the same and are a little bit longer, which is nice. The sad part though is that this pair doesn’t have any real pockets whereas the other pair that was so similar to the ones I was wearing actually had working pockets. I was so tempted to get them.

I decided to browse through the tops to see if I could find a nice sleeveless top to go with them. I don’t generally wear sleeveless tops but it’s just so crazy hot that I decided to add that to my scavenger hunt.

I was stunned to find a really nice shirt that matched the shorts so well. And it looked decent on me! That is amazing. Oh! And it is a size smaller than I have been getting!!! Whoo hoo!

Yeah, don’t worry. I’m not delusional. I realize it is just cut bigger but it sure did make me feel better. :) While I was trying on the clothes Tiffany texted that she was ready. Her friend brought her to the store and they arrived by the time I came out of the fitting room. Tiff helped me pick the shorts and was impressed with the top. :) They really go well together. I’m very pleased with my purchases.

By the time we got home, we were both tired and very glad I’d thought ahead and planned an easy dinner. Oh! Turns out for our thirty-five books, we got around $40 of in-store credit. Not too shabby considering I salvaged them from the trash. :)

Well, that’s enough of my blathering today. I did work on my bullet journal this week and am pleased with some of the pages. Maybe I’ll share them sometime soon.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

The Long Errand Day

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meMy daughter Tiffany’s Christmas book has been published! It is a murder mystery surrounded by the fun and festivities of the Christmas holiday and a budding romance. Get it on Amazon

Errand day this week was a very drawn out ordeal. We started with Tiffany’s appointment. After that we had to go do a little Christmas shopping, some of which we did at the mall. I seldom go to the mall so I naturally parked in the absolute wrong parking lot. Then we ended up walking clear across the mall several times because I don’t know where anything is there.

Good food ~ Lifeofjoy.me
This was taken a few weeks ago and it was ridiculously warm for so late in the year.


We stopped in the food court and ate at my favorite mall place–Charley’s. I am a sucker for a steak and cheese sub. You might think, but you can’t have that on keto. All it takes is a little creativity. I get the three cheese and bacon one without the bun but add on onions, mushrooms, and peppers cooked very well done.. I was very happy that they didn’t seem shocked with my request. They even asked me if I wanted the lettuce and tomato still and if I wanted it under or on top of my meats, cheese, and hot veggies. I add a little salt, pepper, and mayonnaise. Delicious!

Tiffany got part of her gift to Sean and then we headed further into town on the hunt for an illusive gift. Retraced our path, stopped to pick up books from the library, and finally began our grocery shopping after three o’clock. In all of our running around today, I found not one but five different purses that would make a good replacement for the one I’ve been using for the last year or more, which has its shoulder strap hanging on by a thread, literally. Funny thing is that I had looked at Gordmans several weeks ago and didn’t find a single one I liked. I’m soooo glad I did not settle on one I saw last week, at a store I don’t like to shop, for twice the money I ended up paying for this one. :) God is good! I just have to be patient.

Long Errand Day ~ Lifeofjoy.meAs we were about to begin getting groceries, Michael texted and asked if we were about done and ready to head home. He was shocked when I told him that we’d only just begun to grocery shop. He suggested that I bring home some pizzas to throw in the oven, since it was getting so late and he knew we were getting tired. I paid way more than I’d like to admit for a frozen pizza but it is keto! and that my friends, is worth a lot. We got the 3-cheese pizza because we love cheese and generally have pepperoni at home to add.  I also picked up a Red Barron cheese pizza for Michael because he said he didn’t need or want anything fancy. We got home, added pepperoni to both pizzas and enjoyed a dinner with minimal effort.

Well, Brian, Lauren, and Liam are coming tonight for dinner and cookie decorating. I didn’t get the cookies made yesterday even though I had planned to do so, Thus I need to make them first thing this morning in order to have them ready tonight. :) Hopefully I’ll remember to take some pictures and have them to share with you next Friday.

Until then, God bless,

Michele ºÜº