Shopping, Red, Giveaways, and Blogiversary

Wow! It’s Friday again! Where do the days and weeks go? I’m going to do some shopping today . . . looking for some new walking shoes. Four years ago I got some Sketchers with go-ga mat insoles that I have loved but sadly I have worn them down to where they now hurt my feet. :( So it is my goal to purchase a replacement for them with some of my birthday money.

Tiffany and I went in together on some mechanical pencils from Amazon. They are pretty but the lead is scratchy! Yuck. She also bought a .3 mm lead mechanical pencil from Hobby Lobby with some really nice lead. So, I’m also off to see if I can find that Pacific Ark lead in .5 and .7mm sizes today also.

I have a favorite pair of shorts, like most people, I guess. Any way, I get a bit frustrated when I want to wear them and they are in the laundry to be cleaned (a.k.a. the dirty clothes hamper). So I want to get another pair that are similar (so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing the same pair all the time :D ) but I’m not sure about buying another pair because it’s nearly the end of July and thus the summer is nearing its end. :)) Right! I know. Summer lasts until October around here. But then there is the fact that I intend to have lost weight by next summer so that I would not be able to wear them any more than what use I get out of them this year. Of course, I won’t pay much for them anyway, so I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth . . . so I should just buy me a pair. =)) Wow! Sorry you had to be a part of all that crazy thinking. :D But at least I’ve talked myself into shopping for a couple pairs of shorts. Oh yeah, I only mentioned the one pair, huh. Well, I have another favorite pair that I wear only at home but they are so comfortable that I’d love to have another pair like them as well. ;)

I finished the second book in the Circle series by Ted Dekker, this week. I struggled a bit with this one as there seemed to be some slow bits for me. It was still good and I will continue on with the series because I do want to see how it turns out.

It was a story of redemption and I did find it interesting. There was one part that was difficult to read but then I have a hard time reading in the Bible about how Jesus was beaten too.

In other news, it is July and Tiffany has been celebrating Christmas in July with giveaways, mood boards, quotes, and character interviews on her Instagram account this month. I’ll be reading her book again Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.mesoon (Murder Mystery and the Ginderbread Cookies), definitely before the end of next week. ;) She has a darling bookmark she is giving away each week and she also includes a print of the character of the week. My favorite so far has been Alison. :) I’m so proud of her, as she not only wrote the book but is also doing all the artwork. She amazes me.

This August I will have had this blog for five years! That just amazes me. (It appears I’m very amazed today but that is just the word to describe both situations for me right now. ;) ) Anyway, I will be having some new things starting this year. It’s a bit ‘scary’ for me but I feel these are going to be some good things. My oldest son, Brian, has been after me for a while to do some of this and I’m excited to see how it is going to come together. So look for those changes/announcements in the next week or so. ;)

Well, I’m off for now. I hope you have a good weekend and stay cool. :)

Michele ºÜº


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