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Support His Endeavors ~ Lifeofjoy.meSometimes it is best to support your spouse in an endeavor of his. Recently Mike had done a lot of research into the Ketogenic diet and felt he should attempt it for a while. Now, I have tried MANY MANY diets and yet I am still in need of losing weight. But I am not interested in going on a diet, but I am desirous of losing weight just not through means of dieting.

After weeks of his research, he asked me and Sean and Tiffany to look into it and decide if any of us felt we should join him. I knew at that moment that I was to embark on this endeavor with him despite what I desire. Somehow I knew that my support was important in this.

I know he appreciates the support of his family in this endeavor. It is much easier to pursue something when you have the support and encouragement of those closest to you.

Is there something your spouse would like to do that you don’t necessarily want to do? Barring something illegal or immoral, seriously consider joining with him in the activity. After all, you did decided to spend your lives together, so you have a lot of interests in common. I suggest that you pray about it and see what God would have you do. Who knows, you may enjoy it. In my case, God has definitely given me grace to do this because I am not struggling to follow this eating plan at this time. I can even see how God may have used Mike to get me to try one more diet. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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