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Spinach Omelet

Cheesy scrambled eggs with spinach , simple but yummy. Easily customized to what you like or have on hand.

This week’s is a recipe that I’ve been making for Mike and Sean for the past week or so. They are really enjoying it. You can pretty much change this to suit what you like. It is extremely versatile. Of course, since this is a spinach omelet, we are using spinach. I know, shocking, right? :D My guys like some green onion in theirs as well. We have also added some cooked chicken breast and cheese at times.

Start by cracking three eggs into a medium-size bowl. I use my 4-cup measuring cup.

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.meNext add about one tablespoon of heavy whipping cream (or evaporated milk or just regular milk or even half and half).

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.meI use a fork and combine these a bit. Next, cut the green onion or use scissors to snip it right into the measuring cup or bowl of beaten eggs.

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.meI really shouldn’t have used the green cutting board! It really gave these pictures an odd look!

Next grab a handful of spinach and chop it into thin pieces.

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.meAdd both of these to the eggs and combine. :) You can add a bit of shredded cheese if you like. I have found that I really don’t taste the cheese mixed into the eggs and opt to just melt it on top for mine.

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.meMeanwhile, if you are watching your fat intake, spray your pan, very well, with oil. If not, heat half a tablespoon each of butter and coconut oil (or simply one whole tablespoon of one of them).

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.me(I’d already used this pan to make this twice today and didn’t realize I was going to need pictures, thus the egg bits still in the pan.)

I like to stir together the two oils as they melt, before I pour in my omelet mixture. When the oil is hot, add the egg mixture and if your add-ins get all lumped together, spread them out a bit.

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.meAs it starts to solidify, mix it up a bit, so all the egg gets thoroughly cooked.

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.meMy family likes theirs a little bit crispy. (I know real omelets are thinner and rolled but I don’t know what else to call these delicious eggs.) When one side is done to your liking and is nearly cooked through, flip to finish cooking the other side. This is when I add my cheese. We are using a mild cheddar here but use what you like.

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.meServe as soon as the cheese is melted.

Spinach Omelet ~ Lifeofjoy.me

I hope you like this ‘recipe’. Use whatever veggies or meats you like.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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