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It was my job, as a homeschooling mom, to get my children to “own” their education. With Tiffany, I set up a planner of sorts for her to keep track of the things she read and studied. We talked about what she needed to do and set them up on a check list. Then she used the “planner” to write down some specific ideas/plans and then checked them off as she did them.

I got an email from Well-Planned Gal that I thought I’d share with you today because I think it is really good.

Have you ever felt frustrated when your child dillydallies during school? Most of you know, I homeschooled five kiddos, each were two years apart. So with students in preschool, 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th, I had little time for falling behind. But one of my daughters, although sweet and pleasant in every respect, seemed to have the daily ritual of daydreaming when she was suppose to be doing her math.

I tried everything from frequent reminders throughout the morning and motivating her with rewards to warning of possible discipline if she didn’t get to her work. But none of these worked. Then, one morning, I tried something completely different. It was something my father did with me, and it was something I was doing each day. I took a sheet of paper and wrote down a checklist of all her assignments.

Placing it on the table in front of her, she had a reference for what I expected her to accomplish in the day. And it worked. That day and each day after, as long as she had a reference, she would proceed from one assignment to the next. In no time, she was completing her schoolwork ahead of the other kids.

Looking back, this made sense! This daughter was smart and hard working, however, she always seemed to work better when I worked with her. This daily checklist was a way I could work along side her while having the freedom to help the other kids.

The next year, I developed a student planner! Knowing what my kids needed, this planner wasn’t just for school assignments, it includes a daily routine, schoolwork, practices and chores.

If your child is daydreaming during school time, perhaps a little guidance using my student and high school planners can help! Best of all, right now you can save 35% on any annual planner.

Student Planners

I got the link for the discount in the email newsletter to which I subscribed. I didn’t get prior permission to share the article, so I didn’t think I should share the discount code. So if you are interested you could contact them and see if you can get it.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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