Slow Week

What do you do when you aren’t feeling well? I don’t do much of anything but watch whatever show I’m loving at the time, read, and play games on my computer (and occasionally games on the Switch).

Tiffany hasn’t been feeling up to par lately either. We rewatched Signed, Sealed, Delivered movies and series. We love it soooo much that we had to purchase it.

We tried to watch a few movies and then decided to watch Sue Thomas F.B. Eye. It’s an old show; we used to watch it when it aired on PAX. We even recorded some of the episodes and have watched them many times but I’m realizing as we watch it from the beginning that there were a lot of episodes we didn’t see. :)

I finished reading the children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix, The Missing. I have to admit that the last book wasn’t my favorite but I did enjoy the series and will share about it on Thursday.

I’ve started The Pawn by Steven James. I’ve had it for quite a while and kept putting off reading it but have thought that October would be a great time to read it. Well, the day after I finished The Missing I picked it up. The prologue was looking to be a bit too much for me to read before bed. ;) It is a story about a serial killer, so you can see why I might not want to read it right before bed. ;)

I do have to say that I am enjoying it. It’s not my normal read but it is interesting. I think my mother would enjoy it. :) Of course it is the first book of a series. I’m interested in how this first book is going to end and how the next book continues the story.

Well, I’m off for now. I hope you have a good weekend. I’m planning to take it easy.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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