Spill It, A-Dalfa, Cloie, and Hibred

I managed to do it again. I combined three focuses and one challenge into one tile. :)

iamthedivaczt This week’s Diva Challenge is to “spill” something of color on your tile and then tangle it. This was a challenge to consider because I like to combine challenges and focuses into one tile but Square One: Purely Zentangle only allows black ink on white tiles and no color. So the question before me was how do I combine the two.

Then I thought of the black ink we have for calligraphy. I could “spill” some of that on my tile and then it would work. But if the “spill” is too large, I’d probably want to use white pen on it and that is not allowed in that group. I could just not include the focus tangle for that group in this tile but I really wanted to try it. So, I decided to be sure that my “spill” was small enough that I wouldn’t want or need to use any white.

FB□1 ~ LifeofJoy.meI checked out my different facebook groups and I found that A-Dalfa by Bunny Wright, was the focus tangle for Square One: Purely Zentangle. I had not tried this tangle before but it didn’t look too difficult.

Then I checked WZTV‘s focus and found that Hibred, an official Zentangle pattern, is the new focus for the next two weeks. I like this tangle as it is one that I learned when I first began to tangle, years ago. I hoped I could work this one in as well. I think the same rules apply there as Square One: Purely Zentangle, in that the tile but be official size and black in on white tile only. So, my choice of the black ink spill will work here as well.

Then I checked Pattern Collections focus for today. It is a very easy little pattern called Cloie by Erika Kehlet. Since it looks so easy, I’m pretty sure I can incorporate it into my tile as well. That will make three focuses and one challenge all on one tile. :)

I found my ink and used the dropper to drip a couple of dots on the tile. The first one was a rather full dot and I didn’t want to make this too easy on myself. So after dripping a few more dots onto the tile, I I picked the tile up and tried to get the drip to run. I actually ended up having to tap it on the table a few times to get it to do so.

Here’s the beginning tile with the “spill.”

Spill It, A-Dalfa, Cloie, and Hibred ~ Lifeofjoy.meOf course I saw the face right away but proceeded to turn the tile in different directions to see how each view differed. Rotated 90º to the right, it looked like a snowy branch on a sunny day and it was beginning to melt, with an icicle on its left. Rotated another 90º, it looked like someone smoking making a really bad stain above him. Rotated another 90º looked like a person standing looking down at the other, that is laying on his stomach and is giving a thumbs up signal — kind of made me think of someone sliding onto the base of a baseball game. ;)  (Well, that’s enough of a look at the way my weird mind works. :D ) On to the tangling.

I chose to tangle on this tile with it rotated 90º, so that I had two ‘bars’ to work with. I figured the dots could be the centers of two different Cloie. I started by drawing A-dalfa. This was not as difficult as I thought it would be and I liked it, even though my tear drop shapes weren’t very uniform.

I decided to include the one large dot as the dot on one ‘leaf’ of A-dalfa, but that meant making it bigger. I think it worked out okay. Then I drew in Cloie where the other two dots were. I tried to make one look like it was under the A-dalfa frame and the other was partially behind it and off the top of the tile. This one looked easier than it was but it was still not difficult; I just could have benefited from practicing it first.

Finally, I decided to put Hibred to the left of the vertical part of A-dalfa. I wasn’t sure how high I would draw it though. I stopped at the top of the A-dalfa branch. I looked it over and really thought Hibred should go along the top as well but I was concerned that I would be able to tangle it properly. I went with it anyway and although the corner was a bit tricky, I think it turned out okay. I’m not too sure about the shading though. I enjoyed drawing  Hibred.

Well, here is my finished tile, once again, I forgot to take a pre-shaded picture. :( Oh well, at least I got the one of the “spill.”

Spill It, A-Dalfa, Cloie, and Hibred ~ Lifeofjoy.meOh! I decided that the Cloie under the A-dalfa branch needed a little something more, so I drew an aura around it. I think it helped it enough.

Well, what do you think?

Thanks in advance for any comments and encouragement you take the time to leave for me. It is greatly appreciated!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº



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