Rain, Cookies, and Lights

We’ve had a bit of rain over the past several months. The ground is pretty saturated. So when it rained again last weekend, it got quite puddley around here. We headed to church Sunday morning, going the long way so as not to hit any high water and guess what? There was high water covering the road. So we went around another way . . . guess what? It was flooded too.

So we turned around and went back home. This wouldn’t normally be a big deal but this Sunday was my nieces’ first piano recital and we were all going to meet up and eat dinner out together beforehand. I did not want to miss any of it but I was forced to because of the high water.

Tiffany and I had planned to finish up our Christmas shopping Monday but with the high water on Sunday, we decided we’d just wait until Wednesday to go.

Tuesday was fun because Brian and Lauren came out for dinner and Christmas cookie decorating night. Like last year, I did not get the cookies made ahead of time. (Note to self, make cookies the day before cookie decorating night!)

Most people decorate the cookies Christmasy, not our gang! See for yourself.

Tray 1 ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Tray 2 ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Tray 3 ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Here’s a close up of Brian’s crazy cookies . . .

Didn't wait, took a bite ~ Lifeofjoy.meHe took a bit of the big gingerbread man before he even decorated it. :D

Here’s a close-up of Sean’s cookie, which others would think is an ornament, was turned into big fish and little fish bait.

Fish and Bait from ornament cookie ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Brian turned his candy cookie into a drummer or nutcracker. Mike turned a mitten into a green fish. Tiffany made a bell into bee. Lauren’s and mine tended to stay normal.

Mike likes to go for the stained glass or tie died look on his. It doesn’t really matter though. What is important is that we all have fun and are making memories together.

Wednesday came bright and early. Tiffany and I finally got ourselves together and left by about 10:30. We shopped the west side of town. Of course, I had unrealistic hopes that we could actually finish up the shopping hitting all the stores I wanted to get to in one day. At least we hit all the stores on the west side of town. Today we will hit the ones on the east side of town. My shopping WILL be done today whether it is done or not.

We didn’t pre-order Star Wars tickets, so I guess we won’t be going until next week sometime. Brian and Sean are going with some friends on Saturday.  I’m jealous but okay with it. I’ll see it when I see it. :)

Mike has said he did not want to go see the lights at Rhema because they are probably the same as last year. He did say we could drive around some neighborhoods and see the lights though. We’ll see.

Well, I should run for now. Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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