Priorities, Attitudes, and Communication

My awesome family ~
Sean, Lauren, Mike, Brian, and Tiffany (left to right) with our hot chocolate from Kum & Go, but the pic is a bit blurry.

It is difficult to keep priorities in order any time but especially when things get pressing during this time of year. Frequently I must remind myself to make sure that I am treating Mike with love and not ignoring him. It is so easy for him to feel neglected the week of Christmas because of all the activities we pack into three days.

You see, I am a procrastinator; so although I had the majority, if not all, of the gifts I needed to purchase, by Thanksgiving, I usually don’t get them wrapped until the week of Christmas. Since we wrap stocking stuffers, it can take me quite some time to get them all wrapped.

I have to be  mindful of keeping a joyful attitude while doing all the things I must do on the final days before Christmas. However the biggest thing I have to keep in mind is not to ignore my beloved. It is important that I don’t have any kind of bad attitude as I go about doing what I need to do or he won’t want me to do them in the future. It is a tall order but worth the effort. If I can make him feel loved and cared for, things go much easier. I have a happy husband and that makes me happy too.

Communication is vital. It is hard to ensure that you are meeting your dear one’s needs, if you have never communicated about those needs. I have talked with Mike about what makes him happy, what makes him feel loved, and what he needs from me. Of course, I have shared with him also. It is important to talk about these things from time to time to ensure that you are giving what the other needs to feel loved, appreciated, and respected.

If you haven’t had that conversation in a while or if you are feeling tension in your home, take a few minutes alone and talk about what you each need. If you need him to put the children to bed so you can wrap gifts or if he would prefer to wrap the gifts . . . talk about it . . . see what you can do to help your hubby enjoy the season and ask him for what you need to keep from being frazzled. There is an answer to whatever situation you find yourself in but I admonish you to make sure you make time to spend with The Lord. On days I let things sneak into the time I have set aside to pray, read the Bible, and such are days I am more tired and struggle to get things done. He really does redeem the time. :)

Remember to keep your priorities in order and your attitude in line, as you celebrate the night our Savior was born.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

A Fun Night with My Family ~
Me and Sean

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