Nearly Christmas!

Small portion of what I need to wrap ~ LifeOfJoy.meIt is so hard to believe that this time next week Christmas will be over!!! I’ve struggled just a bit motivating myself to do things I need to do, such as wrapping gifts. I may end up staying up late tonight so that the gifts are wrapped tomorrow.

It’s going to be another busy weekend and then the big event will be here. :) I must get some groceries today and make sure Tiffany has a nice outfit for Sunday. Saturday we will be going to see The Hobbit and then it is time to paint Christmas cookies. This is a family event that Brian and Lauren come to enjoy with us. So, I’m going to have to get the cookies made before we leave for the movie tomorrow.

Monday I spent most of my day with my feet up letting the swelling go down from all the activity over last weekend and because I lacked motivation to do much. I am sad to say that I have not yet wrapped one single item this week.

The rest of the week is a blur other than the fact that I exercised with the Wii U every day except Monday. Since I didn’t exercise Monday, I will have to exercise on Saturday. I guess I will have to get up and do that one of the first things tomorrow because it is going to be a busy and fun day but alas, little time for exercise. ;)

I made my menu yesterday and was surprised, although I don’t know why, to see Christmas was already here! For years I made Overnight Custard French Toast and yesterday Tiffany informs me that she doesn’t really care for it. 80 I was stunned. She never said anything. Two years ago I made an overnight crock pot egg casserole but I felt it was too dry. So this year I’m going to make Breakfast Burrito Bake, which is something I have fixed before and the kids liked it. Lauren hasn’t had it yet but she likes Mexican food, so I think she will like this. I hope so, anyway.

I am also planning to have Monkey Bread too but I think we will make it in muffin tins to shorten its baking time . . . and for ease of serving. Tiffany and I will be making pumpkin pies, apple crumble pie, pumpkin bars, and probably apple cake for Christmas day.

The way things are looking right now, I’m going to be wrapping gifts on Sunday afternoon. I really dislike wrapping gifts the night before they are unwrapped, it seems soooo senseless. :D

Well, I’ve got a lot to do, so I’d best get to it. Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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