Making it Count

ItGood Kids Christmas Book ~‘s the week before Christmas. I thought I’d share a few ideas for things you might be doing over the next week or so that can count as part of your children’s education. Baking is a great activity you can do with your children that involves math, sequencing, and following directions which means you can count it as a school activity.

You can have the children write names on the gift tags for real world penmanship practice. Yes sometimes it is just easier to do it yourself but your children can really benefit from helping you.

Another great xmas book ~ LifeOfJoy.meDon’t forget to take some time and read some books together. You can even have older children read aloud to you or their siblings. There are so many good Christmas books but many fun ones too. You would not want your children to have a “steady diet” of just plain old fun books but it can still be of educational value because of the sheer reading practice, but it can also be good when you find Christmas books that can teach too – like learning about other cultures, locate the countries on a map, and discover how they celebrate Christmas, if at all. If your child finds some cultures that don’t celebrate Christmas, maybe they can become a prayer focus for a time, be it a week or month or just a day.

When my kids were young I did not want them to just focus on receiving gifts, so I had them find something to give also. Most times they made something, as they did not have much money. The kicker was to make it be something the recipient would enjoy or find useful. In other words, they couldn’t just do any old thing; there had to be thought behind it, focusing on the recipient.

Take some time to breathe and enjoy the season, making memories as you go. Don’t get so caught up in rushing around or trying to make activities “schoolish” that you wish away this special time of year and all the enjoyable memories you could make.

Make sure you focus on the real meaning of the season with the kids and remember that they are always watching your example, whatever it is . . . be it good or bad, hectic or calm. Live what you want them to become. Let them “catch you” living out what you teach them. If your actions don’t line up with your words, odds are high that they will mimic your actions rather than your words.

Be sure to pray and ask God to help you. I’m sure He will.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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