Good Busy, Bribing My Grown Kids, and Early Rising,

LifeOfJoy.meIt has been a very busy week! This country girl doesn’t really leave the house but a couple of times each week, generally speaking but this week we had two memorial services at the church, one on Saturday and one on Tuesday. I helped in the kitchen both times, which I love to do. (If someone had told me years ago that I would work in the kitchen, as a ministry, I don’t think I would have believed them because when we had participated in a prophetic presbytery and the one lady said she saw us working, like in a soup kitchen, I spiritualized it. But now, some 18 years or so later, I can see and understand what she meant.) I enjoy working in a kitchen, making and serving up food that people enjoy.

It is odd because we were at the church until dusk Tuesday night and then went to see Brian and Lauren for just a little bit, since they had just gotten back from vacation. So we got home after 9:00pm that night, which is about the time we get home from church on Wednesday nights, thus my internal calendar got a little wonky.

Brian and Lauren came out for Meatloaf and Scalloped Potatoes. :) Yes, I bribe my kids with food to get to see them more often. ;)  Meatloaf is another of those meals that Lauren doesn’t typically like but . . . she likes mine. :)  This makes me happy! Unfortunately I think we all ate too much tonight, as Mike served ALL the potatoes in the beginning. See usually we have some leftover potatoes and we enjoy eating them the next day. Well, I think he was trying to help me and just served them all at once. Ugh!!! I did not need that many on my plate. It’s been nearly 3 hours and I’m still FULL!!!

For last couple of weeks I’ve been getting up a bit earlier to spend some time with God. Generally I have woken before the alarm and get a few more minutes of laying in the bed before the alarm goes of and then promptly put my feet on the floor. Well, this morning, I was sleeping hard. The alarm rudely interrupted my sleep. I had an extremely difficult time getting out of bed. But I did get out of bed. Whoo hoo! Unfortunately, once I settled down into my chair, I started battling sleep. This has not happened at all these past couple of weeks but it did today, with a vengeance. I hope this doesn’t happen again and that it was just the result of working so hard this week. One benefit of getting up earlier is that by the time I get the guys off to work, I’m actually ready to get dressed and get my “chores” done earlier too. But I’m really tired today and need to get to bed quicker tonight. ;)

I’ve also started doing a few exercises every day to firm up some key areas (planks, squats, and butterflies) but have really struggled the last couple of days. My right arm has started acting up, being very sore, especially in the elbow but today I’m wondering if the soreness I’m feeling isn’t the result of the butterflies. Hmmm . . . one can hope.

Since I’m so tired, I’m going to run for now. Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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