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Praying for Spouse ~ LifeOfJoy.meI have to say that I am not very impressed with the 30 Day Prayer for Spouses and significant others event on Facebook that I shared two weeks ago. Evidently they had some technical issues and changed it from a thirty day event to a prayer group. I checked several days and was disappointed with the prayer points. It seemed that it was more focused on prayer for the spouse (significant other) to be faithful and not tempted to have an affair. I can understand a prayer like this once during the 30 days but I saw several in a row and that just saddened me. It seems rather distrusting to me.

Mike and I have been married for 27 years and he has never given me cause to distrust him, consequently I would feel comfortable praying this prayer for him once but definitely feel it is overkill to pray for this area several days in a row. Oh, I’m just saying that it is sad to me.

Fortunately I did find something that I do love! :) Lori Byerly over on The Generous Wife has had a prayer point to pray for your husband since June 22 of this year. Here is her post where she kicked it off: Every Day For A Month. I love it because it is respectful, which I guess I didn’t think the other was, and you can tell it is from her heart, not some list. I only just found it and I have not gone back through and read all of them (who has time for that?) but the ones I have read are really good.

Of course I loved her site right from the start. It is not time consuming because she writes in a succinct style that gives just a bit of encouragement every day. AND she has introduced me to some other wonderful Christian bloggers on marriage and sex in marriage with her article suggestions at the end of each post. For a time I really got lost on the web from her links to other blogs/articles because when I followed the link and found an interesting article, I would read more of that blog and frequently would be lead to another where I would more than one article and so on, losing myself online.

One day, when I learn to close out all of my browser’s open tabs each night, I will change my home page to her website because it is just that good! :)

Until next time, keep praying and God bless,

Michele ºÜº

One thought on “Prayer Challenge and a Great Blog

  1. Michele, thanks so much for linking to my blog. The daily prayer prompts started as a 30 day challenge, but I liked them so much I just kept going. Prayer is such an important part of building a healthy marriage. Lori <

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