Extroverting and B90 Update

Extroverting and B90 Update ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt’s been a very extroverted week, again this week. It was only three days . . . well, four if you count Sunday, and I do, so it is completely understandable why I am soooo ready to just stay home for a few days. ;)

One day we had to go into town for an appointment. Since we were in town anyway and I needed a new pair of black church shoes, we shopped for them. I had the foresight to pray and ask God to help me find them at the first store we went to. We started at Payless and although they were having a bogo sale, I was unable to take advantage of it. However, I was thrilled to find a pair of heals that I liked and were on sale. Of course, they weren’t as on sale as I would have preferred but at least I didn’t pay full price for them either. :)

One other day, we managed to get home by about two o’clock but since it was hot as blazes outside, Mike did not feel up to going back out (in the heat). Thus we stayed home from mid-week services at church, even though we made all the appropriate preparations to be able to go. Oh well, there’s always next week. ;)

Then the third day of appointments, Tiffany and I left earlier than necessary, so that we could shop for a few new notebooks that she needed for some new stories she’s working on. We managed to go to a wonderful plaza that has some wonderful stores in it. We went to Ross, Marshall’s, Michael’s, Books-A-Million, and Dollar Tree, all in a span of an hour and twenty minutes. I was quite impressed with our progress, as we have been known to spend that much time in just one of those stores.

It is after days like these that I am very thankful for the days that I get to stay home and not go anywhere.

Finally Friday ~ Lifeofjoy.me It is hard to believe that the Read the Bible in 90 Days – Chronologically is two-thirds complete already. We are about to begin reading the New Testament, which is soooo much easier to read than the Old Testament. Oh, the stories of the Old Testament are great and the Psalms are okay but there are sooooo many names, numbers, and descriptions given in the Old Testament, it is just plum hard reading. Seriously!

I do have to admit though that it has been great to read The Bible chronologically. I’ve never done this before and it does help to keep things in perspective a bit better. I just finished Ezekiel last night and I have to tell you, that is one difficult book to read! I think I’d almost rather read Leviticus or Numbers. I think what makes it so difficult is that God is fed up with the Israelites and it is a lot about His wrath against them, which is not nearly as fun to read as His grace, love, and mercy.

Well, I’ve rambled enough. I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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