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Evidence of Love ~ Lifeofjoy.meSomething was said recently that made me wonder about myself. So many times in relationships, people think about what they are getting out of it. I know I have a tendency to see all I do and little of what Mike does, but recently I was challenged anew to consider what I do for my beloved.

We were on vacation last week with my kids — a cruise — and I wonder if other people looking at Mike and I would know I love him just by observing us together. Would they see a woman that expects service from her man or would they see someone that serves her man. Ashamedly I must admit that I think people could tell Mike loves me by his actions and how he prefers me over himself but might see a spoiled woman and not really see my love for him.

They might even feel sorry for him with how they overheard me speak to him on occasion, I am sad to admit. OH! Please don’t misunderstand, I did not constantly or consistently say negative things to or about him. I am the type of person that sees her wrongs or embarrassing moments over and over and over and . . . over again. Thus when looking back over the last week or so, I see my wrongs blaring at me . . . scoffing at me . . . accusing me and telling me I have no right to write a blog about marriage since I make these mistakes but I shut out that voice and know that I share these things so that others can learn by my mistakes. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t see them as readily if I didn’t write this blog and maybe not at all.

Since I’ve gotten home I have pondered what I have done for Mike . . . what do I bring to this marriage . . . how is he bettered by being married to me? I can quickly state the answers to these questions switched around. Mike is the provider for the home; he takes his job of protecting me SERIOUSLY. :) He loves me and does little things for me too. But what do I really do for him?

Today I am challenged by this and hope that I will keep these thoughts before me for the next week or so, endeavoring to do more to show him my love. I am reminded of the saying about being a Christian . . . if you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you. Turning this to my thoughts today, if I were on trial for loving Mike, would there be enough evidence to convict me?

I shall endeavor to make my words and actions show this more throughout this week. How about you? I know it is harder when you have children that are young but it is just as important at that stage of life too. I hope you will consider these things and ensure that your beloved knows he is loved and respected by you this week. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

4 thoughts on “Evidence of Love

  1. I love the question “If you were on trial for________ , would there be enough evidence to convict you.” So many areas of our lives we can use this and sometimes the people right in our own home don’t get the best of us, they get the leftovers. Thanks for asking the question……I will be “watching” my own self this week :)

    1. That is so true Tracie, “so many times those in our own home don’t get the best of us, they get the leftovers.”

      You’re welcome. I try to help others miss the potholes I have found on this life road. :)

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