December Already and Cinnamon Bear

Christmas Blessing ~
My parents, me, Tracie, Kelcey, Ashlee and Macie on the HANDS ministry bus loaded with most of the presents. There are bikes down the center aisle and bags in each seat, even on the left side, they’re just more compact than the ones on the right.

Wow! What a busy week! It is a good thing I rested up last weekend – well after thanksgiving, that is. Monday I intended to get some major cleaning done but unfortunately, I got caught up working on verifying our Christmas funds and going through receipts and didn’t get very much extra cleaning done. :\  Mike and I had a good day together though, since he had the day off.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent helping my sister prepare for the Christmas Blessing that she and her husband are doing through their ministry – H.A.N.D.S. They had some last minute shopping to do yesterday to finish up the gifts, so that we can finish bagging them all today. It’s probably going to be a long day but enjoyable because we always have fun working together. :)

Yesterday Tiffany and I ran some errands. We were gone for about four and a half hours. For dinner we had leftover turkey dinner with freshly made mashed potatoes and noodles.  It was a good meal . . . I love turkey dinner leftovers! :)

I don’t have much of anything planned this weekend but come Monday I intend to finish going through my Christmas list and seeing what I have yet to purchase. I did buy Christmas wrapping paper yesterday, so I can also start wrapping. I’d begin over the weekend but I make quite a mess when I wrap and the clutter bothers Mike, so I choose to do most of the wrapping while he is not home.

It’s hard to believe that the first week of December is already gone. It doesn’t feel like November, let alone December. It only feels like September or maybe October . . . forget that we’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving. It just isn’t feeling like Christmas time . . . I’m doing all the usual things, and at least the temperature is cooperating, but I’m still not feeling like it is December. I’ve had this problem all year long. I thought that at some point my internal clock would catch up but that hasn’t happened yet.

Cinnamon Bear ~ Lifeofjoy.meOh! One more thing before I go. For any of you that have not yet started Cinnamon Bear for the advent season, there is still time . . . well, actually the episodes are short enough that you can easily catch up.

Don’t know who or what Cinnamon Bear is? Cinnamon Bear is an old radio show with 26 episodes; it is an adventure of Paddy O’Cinnamon. Here is a synopsis if you want to know more details. On this webpage you will find all 26 of the audios. Finally, if you go to this page, go down to Now Try Download Land, you can download the original coloring book (mind you they are very childish drawings) that your kids can color while listening or later for fun.

Now, go download the audios and make some memories with your kids. :)

Until next time, God bless,
Michele ºÜº


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