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Being Considerate ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt is so easy to look out for yourself. This world teaches you to be independent and that if you don’t look out for yourself nobody will. But that can lead one to a very self-centered, if not selfish life and that is NOT what God asks of us.

I know it is hard when there are young children involved! You feel pulled on at every turn and really don’t feel you have any energy left to give out to your spouse. You must find ways to energize yourself to be able to give to him as well.

The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be in big ways. It can be something as little as when you go into the kitchen to get yourself something to drink, ask him if he’d like some too. It doesn’t take much more effort to pour two beverages than it does just one. If you are in the same room together, then there really isn’t any more steps involved either. AND it shows your beloved that you care for them.

Being considerate doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. It just takes some thought. Too many times I get up to get me a glass of water and don’t even think to ask Mike if he would like one too; it just takes a slight adjustment in my thinking to consciously include him in my thoughts when I’m doing something.

Sometimes Mike goes to bed before I do. On these nights, I try to change into my pajamas before he goes to bed so that I make as little noise as possible when I do come to bed. I also use the other bathroom, rather than the one in our room, for the same reasons. I move around without lights on too. These are just little things I do to be considerate of him.

I also try to purchase snacks that I know he will enjoy. I also ask him what he’d like to snack on so that he doesn’t get stuck with the same ones all the time. I ask him if there is any meal he’d like to have for the upcoming week, when I am making a menu. I finally found an easy way to do this. You see, Mike likes options, whereas I know what I want to eat, generally speaking. So, I told him to look at the Tasty Tuesday section of my blog and there he would find MANY options of things we already eat. :) This week he actually contributed two meal ideas to the menu! It means that I know I will be making two things this week that he will enjoy.

Oh! Don’t get me wrong. Mike is a very easy man to cook for. He likes most everything I make. Usually if he doesn’t like it, I probably didn’t either. :D

This week I bought the ingredients to make one of his favorite desserts: peanut butter cookies. :) These are all easy ways to show him love, respect, and consideration. It doesn’t take much effort.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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