Bad Days

Supplemental Help ~ Lifeofjoy.meSome days it seemed like everyone got on my nerves. Seriously. Each of my kids AND my husband – they all seemed to do things  that would aggravate me all in one day or even simultaneously. I finally realized that the problem must’ve been with ME even though I didn’t feel like I was the one with a problem. In each situation I felt I had legitimate beefs with each person; each one doing things that annoyed me.

I got tired of feeling like that. My dad is big into vitamins and supplements since my grandfather died young. So I asked him about supplements and looked in the health food stores for some ideas. We also consulted an iridologist, who recommended Women’s Best Friend. I started taking it and didn’t really notice any difference but after I’d taken it for several months, I realized I hadn’t had a day where everyone had been on my nerves.

The problem was that I could not get this from my regularly visited stores. I had to go out of my way to get it and it was a little bit pricey, although completely worth it, in my estimation. When I would run out of it, within weeks there would be a flare up where, once again, every member of my family would do something that upset me, all within hours of each other. I knew I needed to get back on the herbs.

I decided to look around my local health food store to see if I could find anything that could help. I decided to give Oona PMS 1 a try. I too helped. This one had an extra supplement that you could take on days you felt more stressed than others. This one too worked.

Then one sad day my store no longer carried this wonderful item. I had taken it for several years. I started looking for something else or an alternative way to purchase it without having to resort to getting it online. Time went by and I haven’t needed, like I once did.

A couple of years ago I heard about an amino acid that helps with moods – l-theanine. I now purchase this for Tiffany (and myself on occasion). If she’s having a day where she is feeling annoyed, she will take 1-2 capsules. If she is being snippy, I will suggest she take one or two. She never likes the suggestion because it feels like I’m saying she’s done something wrong but it is just amazing how 1-2 of those wonderful little supplements can change her attitude and make life so much more peaceful.

The latest bottles that I’ve gotten were just called Theanine, without the l-. So long story short, if you are struggling with being annoyed at everyone or your hubby is accusing you of nagging, maybe you should give one of the natural supplements a try and see if they help you. It is never fun to realize that I am the one with the problem but peace is definitely worth it.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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