Blog Anniversary and Gnat Trap

1stanniversaryToday is the one year anniversary of my blog! Well, technically tomorrow, August 1st is but I started on a Friday, so it is a bit confusing. I haven’t don’t much with the looks of the blog in some time, so I guess it is time to give it a  facelift.

I have begun working on my recipe archive index. It is not pretty yet but I’m at least getting it to automatically fill in the pages. I am hoping to have it available by the end of August. As I’m creating these pages I’m seeing where I really do need to work on my photography as I had wanted to this year but never got around to doing. I also found out what a “feature image” is and how useful it is, so I’m going back and setting feature images for all the recipe posts. But this means that these posts may look a little wonky until I get all the kinks worked out, please be patient with me. :)

As I mentioned Wednesday, I did a library day with Tiffany and Lauren on Tuesday. After the library we went to Schlotsky’s where the three of us split two Pick Two meals. I got the half Cranberry Chicken Something-Or-Other Salad and half Sausage Basil Flatbread Pizza; Lauren and Tiffany got half Original sandwich and half Pepperoni Pizza and we all shared. We didn’t want to eat too much because we all wanted save calories for dinner and dessert that night. It was delicious even though it wasn’t all that cheap . . . it cost less than $20 for the 3 of us to eat.

Gnat Trap

I have got to share this tip with you today. Last weekend we had a surge of gnats or fruit flies from out of (seemingly) nowhere. Then Mike went out the back door to mow the yard and found a rotten potato in my potato bin! YUK! We got rid of it but still had gnats bugging us (mostly bugging Mike as I hardly saw any). So I was tasked with finding out how to get rid of them.

Gnat Trap ~ Lifeofjoy.meA few days later I did just that and now I am going to share it with you. Ready? ;)

Take a container with a lid and punch several holes in the lid. I used this old hot fudge jar and used a nail screw (because I couldn’t find a nail) and hammer to tap the holes in the top. That is as hard as it gets, seriously!

Pour a bit of apple cider vinegar in the jar. Put the lid on and sit it near wherever the pests are congregating. Before long they will be dead in the vinegar and you will not be bothered by them any longer.

Apple Cider Vinegar ~


Those little dark spots in the bottom of the jar are the pests. ;) I was amazed how quickly and how well this worked!



Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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