Any Day Can Be Father’s Day

My son and his family generally come up for Father’s Day to celebrate with us and my parents (and the rest of the family that can make it). To ensure that he has a special Father’s Day as well, he, Lauren, and Liam celebrate together another day of the week.

This year Father’s Day was not as my dear hubby had planned. Unexpected conversations happened that lasted far longer than we had anticipated being gone. This is no big deal, really.

I want him to feel that he is special and that we are celebrating him. He got a partial special day, so I’m thinking that I’ll just make today/this evening a little more special for him. :) Any day can be Father’s Day: before, on, or after the day. :)

So I encourage you today, if you cannot celebrate the way you’d like to celebrate on a particular day, choose another day and do it then. :) I know a lady that celebrates Christmas and Thanksgiving with her daughter and her family a different day/week of the year and call it Thankmas. :) They make it work for them. We can all do this with any holiday, celebration, or special occasion.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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