A Party, a Road Trip, a Wedding, and Snuggles

Well, it has been a busy week. :) We started last weekend with our church Christmas dinner/party. I was very disappointed to find out that Mardels no longer has the computer system where you can burn a cd of nearly any soundtrack. So I was unable to get a soundtrack for either of the songs that we had been asked to sing at the Christmas party. So I asked my mom to play the keyboard for us and changed the song to one I knew well. ;)

This was actually the first time they sang with me. I really enjoyed it and hope they’ll sing with me again sometime (and that we’ll be asked again). I did try to get Michael to sing with us but he just wouldn’t, even though he’d sung the song with my family shortly after we’d gotten married, so he knew the song. ;) But I love him any way. :)

I’m a horrible selfie taker! :D But this was Michael and I. And here are my parents and Tiffany.

We were singing a few Christmas carols. :) It was a nice evening.

The littles stole the show though.

Then on Tuesday my nephew got married but lives in Missouri. So Tiffany and I rode with my parents to the wedding. It was a pleasant drive and pretty once we got in MO because it had snowed.

I enjoyed a bit of reading and am really enjoying the book (Alaskan Holiday) and cannot wi to get a bit more time to read. :)

Daddy was a truck driver. I wonder if he misses it.

The newlyweds, their kids, and our family.

We got some baby cuddles. :)

Sarah, Dante, and me. :)

Mom and Dante above, Tiff and Dante below.

Even my dad got some baby cuddles.

It was after dark by the time we got home. I didn’t get my zentangle tile done and since I hadn’t done a single piece of art all week, unless you count the packages I wrapped ;) , I didn’t have a thing to post on the blog. So I ended up doing the tile first thing Wednesday morning.

Lauren is great and checks my blog most days. As I pushed publish on the post for the day, I received a text from her letting me know that my blog wasn’t updated. :D Perfect timing!!! I’m so glad she checks for me. There have been a few times when I scheduled a post to publish at a wrong time.

Well, I’m going to run. Should be a fun and busy weekend, preparing for Christmas. Baking will be in full swing by Monday at the latest. :) I hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

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