Christmas Time Snuggles

Wow! It’s Christmas week! Things can get so busy and hectic that it can be easy to forget to give your sweetheart some extra sugar this week. But I promise, if you remember to do some little “act of kindness” or little extra for your love each day, it will bless your marriage.

Consider sneaking him a piece (or even just a bite or two) of his favorite treat that you’re making for the holidays, bring him a drink as you get your own, or just take a moment and give him a smooch.

Sometimes I’ll go over and sit on Michael’s lap and stare into his eyes or just smile and tell him I love him and give him a quick kiss and then go about my business. I keep interruptions short if he’s doing something important or when he wouldn’t appreciate it. ;)

So that is my encouragement today: take a little extra time to snuggle with or do something nice for you love each day this week. :)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº


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