Winter Activities and Nature Studies

I found this cool calendar with educationalesque things to do and decided to share it with you today. It has things to do like measure your shadow and compare it as the month progresses and moon phases. Here is a link to this year’s calendar but I liked a previous year’s calendar better with star activities here. Or print off both and pick and choose or do both. ;) Here’s a post I did last year on Winter nature studies.
Winter nature Study ~
People tend to think of nature study in spring because there is so much to see. But the winter can be a good time to study nature too. Put out some seeds or nuts for the birds and then you can see what kind of birds are still around your house in the winter. Of course, if you like squirrels, you could put out food for them too. My parents used to feed squirrels years ago and then they started feeding birds. Then they saw the greedy squirrels stealing the birds’ food. Now days my retired father will shoot squirrels that come around. :D During the winter you can also talk about what kinds of trees lose their leaves and which don’t, the phases of the moon, stars and constellations. Here are three websites I’ve shared before and they are still active and have some good ideas, so I thought I’d share them again today. Taking Your Homeschool Outdoors Simply Charlotte Mason: Winter Nature Study Ten Ways to Study Nature in Winter I hope these ideas help you and your children engage in some wonderful nature study this season. Until next time, God bless, Michele ºÜº

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