When Something Nice Turns Sour

Making Cookies Together ~ LifeofJoy.meOver the weekend, Mike wanted some Peanut Butter Cookies. Of course, the reason he even thought about them is because I may have mentioned Thursday or Friday that I had planned to make them. I do know better than to give voice to my intentions because if I decide not to follow through, inevitably someone will remember what I said and call me on it. ;) That is what happened this weekend.

It was Sunday afternoon when Mike made the request. Now I had two ways to respond. The first was to simply get up and do it, which I wasn’t in the mood to do, as I was just getting ready to relax with some zentangle. The second was to make some excuse and not make them.

I am glad to say that I went with option one and proceeded to make them. Mike volunteered to help me, for which I was grateful. At some point while preparing the cookie batter, he began not to feel very good. Like most people, he is not himself when he is hurting and we clashed a little. I must admit that by the time the cookies were done, he was feeling worse and we were clashing worse.

Now I know better than to “take offense” or “give offense” but I must shamefully admit that I was taking offense. Fortunately though, I soon realized my wrong-doing and apologized for my part in the situation because no matter why I did what I did or acted, I am accountable for my actions and reactions. Still it amazes me how the act of me repenting for my part in the clash can eliminate the friction in the home.

I found out long ago that in order to have a good marriage, I have to give up my right to be right because it doesn’t matter who was right to begin with, if I did anything to further a clash with my beloved, I am in the wrong. Plain and simple. And I’m accountable to God for my attitudes, actions, and reactions.

So this good that I was doing, making the cookies because he wanted them, turned sour with harsh words spoken one to another but then recovered when I apologized. Things got even better when Mike treated me lovingly by gently rubbing my back as I washed up the dishes. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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