Walls Meant to Divide

Walls Meant to Divide ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt is important that we understand the devil’s devices. He hates family and marriage. He works hard to cause dissension between spouses and family members. I believe he wants to destroy the family unit.

One of the biggest devices he uses is to breakdown communication. Mike and I had one of these moments over the weekend. We had our monthly date night; yes I know, many people have a weekly date night but we are ‘hermits’ that live thirty minutes from town, so we’re doing good if we manage a monthly date night. :)

At any rate, while we were at lunch, we were talking. I mentioned that the change was my money. I merely meant that I had added extra money from my allowance. Unfortunately this caused a bit of a wrinkle in our time out together. Fortunately we were able to overcome it and  the rest of our outing was not hindered.

On our trip home I broached the subject to try and keep the misunderstanding from happening again. I explained what I meant and he understood. We came to an understanding. I will be careful to use the term ‘my allowance’ instead of ‘my money.’ :)

See, it is something that can easily be rectified, so as not to cause further miscommunications. But the devil doesn’t want that. He wants things to get out of control and cause hurt feelings and offenses in such a manner that there is a wedge in the marriage. He wants us to build walls between us. It is our responsibility to tear down those walls and keep our communication open and pure.

This is just one example. There are so many more ways that walls get built up between husband and wife by little everyday happenings. I challenge you to examine your situation and see what little wall you can tear down or build a bridge over. ;) God is there to help you. Ask Him what area you can work on and then do so. With His help, it can be easy.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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