The Week AFTER the Busy Week

Choc Milk ~ Lifeofjoy.meWow! It is another Friday already! It has been a tough week and I have no idea why. When we finished cleaning up after lunch on the last day of the young adult conference at church last Friday, it was around two and we stopped at Walmart for a few things we needed, especially milk! I normally have a glass each day with NesQuik in it. You see, I don’t really like milk but I love chocolate, so it is a good excuse for some chocolatey goodness in the morning. :)

We got home and relaxed for the evening; Sean and Tiffany did not come home until late that night or very early the next morning. ;) They had fun and Mike and I had sleep! :) Win! Win!

Saturday Mike decided that the yard needed to be mowed since all the rain we had during that week made the grass grow. The weeds have overtaken my flower beds but I didn’t manage to start to free my poor mums, rose bush, or dahlias until Tuesday morning. Instead, it took Sean, Tiff, and me – yes, all three of us – to whip this house back into shape. It is amazing how a house can get cluttered when all you do is come home to sleep, basically.

I didn’t even run the dishwasher once that week. We just kept collecting a dish here or there and a glass or cup. Finally I ran it Friday night when I went to bed, as is my routine. Saturday morning there were two stupid lights blinking which meant that it did not finish the cycle. Well, last time that happened I was without a dishwasher for 2 months, so I wasn’t happy at all BUT when it was fixed, it was as simple as unplugging it and plugging it back in, so there was hope. Sean eventually got the stove moved out far enough to climb behind it and unplug and re-plug it. IT WORKED!!! Yay!!! It has worked all week! I’m so grateful!

Sunday we went to church as usual but afterwards we went to Ted’s Cafe Escondido for lunch. I was starving and was super glad they serve chips, tortillas, salsa, and queso immediately. Brian and Lauren joined the four of us there and then we went home for a relaxing afternoon. If you’ve never been to Ted’s before, you should try it. They have a create your own meal with 1-4 items which Mike and I get and split, as do Sean and Tiff. After dinner they bring you fresh sopapillas.

Monday Sean and Tiff went to help tear down the stage they had put up for the conference. Sean works in town so he went straight from work; thus Mike and I took Tiff. Then we went to eat at The Outback with some money we were blessed with from a group that attended the conference. Also, since Keven Harvick placed in the top 10 over the weekend we could get a free bloomin’ onion. I got the ribs and Mike the chicken fried chicken. I thought it was all pretty good.

One of the ac units wasn’t working properly at the restaurant so as the manager made her rounds, she gave us a coupon for a free bloomin’ onion on our next visit. :)

Tuesday brought my baby sister and her girls out for a visit. I went out and tried to free some of my plants from the weeds before they arrived and in the process lost my Wii Fit U meter – again! Ugh! I have yet to go back out and look through the weeds I pulled to see if maybe it just fell right there. I came in and grabbed a quick shower because it was so hot I was dripping sweat – I kid you not!

We had a good visit with my sis and her girls. We try to get together monthly but hadn’t been able to for the last several months. It is tough on her girls though because Tiffany is 18 now and they are not quite understanding that she is growing up and not wanting to play like she used to do. (Although she still does play with them, just not as much or as varied as before.)

Wednesday night was church and it went a bit long. Sean and Tiff stayed in town to hang out with a few remnants from the conference that left yesterday morning. Them and several others from church stayed out and had fun while us old people went home and to bed by 11. :D Sean and Tiff didn’t make it home until after two and then Sean had to go in to work. I don’t know how he made it on less than 4 hours of sleep!

Yesterday I was very very tired! I fought a headache and toothache. Ugh! I don’t think I have any reason to be tired but upon talking to my younger sister about it that afternoon, she said she didn’t understand why I didn’t think I should be tired. LOL So, I’ll just leave it at hoping I am not tired today since I have some running around to do.

I’m hoping for a restful weekend. We are planning to go visit with family at my parents’ on Sunday afternoon. We haven’t seen them since July 3rd which seems so long ago but really hasn’t been that long once I sit and count out the days. It’s just that I’ve done a whole lot more than normal since then. :)

Well, until next time, God bless,
Michele ºÜº

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