Teeth, Family, and More Bread

Toothcare ~ Lifeofjoy.meEarlier this week, I had something up with the teeth on the upper left of my mouth and found a toothpick sized hole in the bottom of one tooth. This caused a problem because it was large enough to get food impacted inside. Yuk!!!

Thankfully, Mike was able to get me an appointment within the next day or two. As is generally the case, I had a bigger problem with a broken tooth on the lower right hand side and thus needed to have a root canal done pronto. Thankfully we had everything to make potato soup and Tiffany made it for me while I was on my way home. (Remember that I live about 30 minutes from town.) Oh! I had them put a temporary filling in that upper cavity so more food doesn’t get stuck inside.

Unfortunately, like my sisters, I have a high tolerance for pain medication which means I need to take a lot. And also, I have a low tolerance for pain. I’m rather stubborn when it comes to taking meds and hold off as long as possible but then it is hard to find meds strong enough to combat the pain . . . either that or I’m just a whimp and can’t tolerate much pain; I prefer the former. ;)

At any rate, I guess the nerve was in a bad place because the dentist had to give me many shots of medication to enable him to do the drilling necessary. It was not a good thing. But we managed and I came home to some yummy homemade potato soup.

Bread Again ~ Lifeofjoy.meMy baby sister and her girls came over for a visit earlier this week. It was a good visit. The girls loved seeing our newest kittens; Tiffany even let them name one kitten each. ;) Oh! I fixed that yummy bread for them and they loved it.

Well, that sums up the big points of my week. I hope you have a good weekend.

Until next time, God bless,
Michele ºÜº

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