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Last of the Snow and a New Store: Winco

I mentioned the snow last week. Well on day two of the snow, Tiffany made a snowman.

Notice the area where the snow has melted? Yeah, most of my friends’ snow was already gone by then. We still had enough for the snowman. :D

However the morning of day 4, this was all we had left. :D

I had Tiff snap a quick picture as we were leaving for church. There might have been some snow left up against the south side of the house and other things but this was all I could see.

This week is POURED rain!!!! Our puddles were in puddles. We were swamped. Tiffany and I decided not to go out in all that rain and just stayed inside . . . well, I did run out to put a card in the mailbox while it was raining, but that is nothing like running to four or more stores in the pouring down rain. Of course the day we did run errands it was FREEZING cold! Yep! Very very cold (for OK). ;)

New Store: Winco

We had a new store open up. Remember me telling you about that store that was opening up next to Ross? Well, it is now open and Tiffany and I checked it out this week.

I’m impressed. They have some really good prices! Of course, like most other stores, you need to know your prices. If you go, the have some price labels that have a green sticker; these are special prices . . . think sales.

BULK Section

Their bulk sections is amazing!

Fresh ground nut buttersSeveral different honeys, one was raw honey Bulk spices!!! (These prices are per POUND.) I think they had a couple dozen different spices. Different colored popcorn kernels Brown Rice Pastas!!! If these taste like the ones we buy elsewhere I’m going to be very happy because they are quite a bit cheaper. :)  More brown rice pasta and some parmesan cheese. Then there was a bin below for the brown rice spaghetti. :) (It’s cheaper than what I’ve been spending too. ) These bean mixes look good. A nice vegetable soup mix, very clean ingredients. Such a great price on the split peas. I’ll have to get some of them next week and plan to make some split pea soup. The recipe I have is called Cheapskate Soup. :) At this price it really will be. Coconut flour, almond flour, gluten free flour!!! Wonderful! I will have to check the price I have been getting it. They had spare ribs for 98¢ a pound. It was a special, so I got two of their smaller packages. Their cheese is priced good too. We got a block of gouda and one of mozzarella. We snacked on the gouda and it was gooda!!! :)

No Credit Cards

They don’t take credit cards though. I usually use a card that gives me rewards for my purchases, but I knew ahead of time that I’d need to use cash or my debit card. I think they take checks too but I’m not sure.

No Memberships

So they say they are like a membership club (e.g. Sam’s, Costco) without a membership. They have the large bulk bags of oats, rice, and such and 50# bags of dog food too.

They even have animal snacks in bulk.

  I was impressed and will go back frequently . . . probably even every week. :o

We only did the perimeter of the store and spent an hour and a half there really looking over all that was available in the produce and bulk sections. We moved a bit more quickly through the rest of the perimeter of the store. We’ll check out the rest of it in the coming weeks. ;)

Well, that’s it from me today. I hope you have

And I want to wish my daughter-in-love, Lauren

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Snow, Glorious Snow, in Oklahoma


We got SNOW!!!

Okay, you probably get that I love snow. :) But I love snow in the south where it’s here today and gone in a couple of days. But I love to get a lot of it . . . which is relative but here it means at least three inches but preferably more. The news said we got about five inches but then it snowed a little bit more for a couple hours and the flakes were quite large for a bit. I love watching large snow flakes fall–it makes me happy.

We had a while when we got some nice big snow flakes! :p I love big snow flakes. Tiffany went outside and got some pictures for me. She takes some really nice pictures. :)

Although our yard got a good covering the road did not. But that is okay because our sleds are no more. We really must get some to be ready if we ever get enough snow on this hill (again).

Yesterday afternoon the sun came out and started the melting process. By early afternoon the porch railing was nearly dry . . . okay, there was no snow left on it though. :)

Well, you probably can’t tell in the picture above but the sun was definitely shining and it was nice and bright. The remnants of the snow should be gone by this afternoon. No time for it to get all dirty and nasty–just beautiful clean white snow. :) Ahhhhh . . .

Lauren, being the dutiful daughter-in-love, sent video and pictures of Liam and Brian’s fun in the snow. :p

He’s getting soooo big!!! Love him to bits! <3

In other happenings this week, I decided to continue with the modern calligraphy class that goes through June this year. I did myself a favor and purchased the bundle last weekend of all the workbooks for the rest of the semester so that I don’t have to worry with purchasing during the sale at the end of each semester (plus I think I may have gotten a bit of a discount by getting all of them at once).

There was a challenge given to try our hand at the miniscules (lower case letters) before we even look at the workbook. This is the paper that Becca (the teacher) uses and recommends. Since I struggled seeing the lines of the workbook through my cheap tracing paper, I decided to pick this up, since I could get it at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon. That brought the cost down to around $6.50 for the 80 sheets. It’s “high grade vellum paper.” However, most of the vellum paper I’ve seen is . . . I don’t know  . . . more see-through.

Here’s my attempt.

I put the drill strokes at the top, so that I could see them as I thought about how to make each letter. I’m looking forward to continuing with this. :)

A word about our youtube channel: Joyous Jabbers, I mentioned on previous Fridays about a video we’d done or planned to do but it has not yet materialized on the channel. Yeah, we completely forgot about filming a video right around the new year and then sickness invaded our home.

It is harder to film videos when the menfolk are home, as they were for several weeks at the beginning of the year. It’s not an excuse, just another contributing factor to our absence.

I’m going to go ahead and put both of those videos together that we made about my meat bargain shopping and upload it, hopefully this weekend. And once we get one up, it will be momentum to keep moving and uploading.

So I guess I only mention it to say, that we haven’t abandoned the channel completely and are just newbies at all of that. We’ll get our acts together, soon–I hope. ;)

I hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Snow and March 2019 Book Haul

So last week they kept promising me that we were going to get snow over the weekend. They even enticed me with 1-3 inches of the beautiful white stuff. Well, I’ve been burned before by their promises unrealized so I wasn’t putting a lot of hope in it. Then when we got NOTHING on Saturday afternoon/evening I was even less hopeful.

But we awoke Sunday morning to a nice little blanket of snow. It was beautiful! :) Unfortunately it snowed while I was asleep so I did not get to watch it fall, which I love to see. But we did get some all the same. Then church was cancelled because roads in town were slick and people do not know how to drive on the stuff. ;)

I did forget to get some pictures until Monday when it was nearly gone but Tiffany did get some earlier in the morning when there was a bit more still on the ground.

March 2019 Snow ~ Lifeofjoy.meSnow Paw Print ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt’s so pretty when it is freshly fallen. I don’t like it when it sticks around and gets all dirty and nasty. It’d been pretty sunny even though the temperatures stayed in the 20’s much of the snow melted. This is what remained Tuesday morning.

Snow quickly departs ~ Lifeofjoy.meMy Daffodils are beginning to make an entrance. I guess it is time since it is March. I just feel like it should still only be the beginning of February. ;)

daffodils ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany says my irises are coming up as well. They are in the back yard under a tree. I haven’t checked on them yet though, maybe next week. ;)

Tiffany and I had a very long errand day this week! We decided it was time to go to Gardners again–that’s the nice used bookstore in Tulsa. I’ll have to get some pictures of it next month when we go. I forgot my phone when we went this week. That made the day a bit frustrating since we were out so long and I would’ve liked to have taken a few pictures throughout the day. But oh well, I lived. Of course, if I’d have had my phone, Tiffany wouldn’t have spent about twenty minutes looking for me throughout that store either. :(

I am just getting back into reading thanks to my girls. :) Last year Tiffany, Lauren, and I started to buddy read. We weren’t real successful with it but it did push me off into reading again, for which I am grateful. I’ll have to ask Lauren to pick a book for us to buddy read and give it another go. (Of course by posting this, I have just done so because Lauren is one of my most faithful followers. :) Love you girl.)

Tiffany and I just finished reading the three available books in the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. Well, I have finished; Tiffany is finishing. ;) These are huge books of over a thousand pages each, which is awesome because you get totally immersed in them. Supposedly there will be another seven books in the series. Each one so far has been longer than the previous one. Oathbringer, the last installment, was over 1200 pages. :) I love a good long book, unless I have to have it read in a certain amount of time, which unfortunately was the case with Oathbringer since I read the ebook as our library did not have a physical copy of it. At least they had the digital. :)

I’m told these lovelies are High Fantasy, as far as genre goes. I think of them as science fiction, which is where they are shelved in the library but that is mostly because most libraries don’t have a fantasy section, let alone a high fantasy section. I enjoyed them and God has even used them to help me with some things I’ve been thinking about in my life. Pretty cool.

Any way, I don’t really know how to pick out a book I like at this point. I don’t really seem to have a favorite genre, yet. So at this point, I’m just kind of floundering with what to read, let alone, pick out books. So after spending a few minutes looking at some books with Tiffany, I wandered off to the children’s books where I was hit with a bit of nostalgia.

Collier's Junior Classics ~ Lifeofjoy.meMy parents had this set that they got with the encyclopedias. I remember reading some of these as a child. These were $2 per book. I showed them to Tiffany and we ended up bringing them home. :D Of course this set is missing number 9, so I will need to be on the lookout for that.

I was surprised how nostalgic I was over these. I flipped open the first one and really wanted to have them. But then I decided I didn’t need them. And then wanted them again. :)

Collier's Junior Classics inside ~ Lifeofjoy.meSample page Jr Classics Collier's ~ Lifeofjoy.meI’ll share more of these later, as this has gotten a bit long.

Tiffany and I also got about six other books.

March 2019 Book Haul ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe ones we got this time were Little Bee, The Host (which Tiffany has read before and really enjoyed and yes, we’ve seen the movie), The Double, Quietus, and Immortal. I’m still on a bit of a book hangover from Oathbringer, so I haven’t picked up any other book yet. I’m waiting for Tiffany to finish it and then we can talk about it. :) I’ll probably finish Rematch by Erynn Mangum next though because it is a short read, considering what I’ve just read. ::hee hee::

Well, I’ve rambled enough. Have a great weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº