Stuffiness and Busy Weekend

Stuffy/Runny Nose's Best Friend ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt’s been a long week but then any time I am not feeling normal things seem to drag by. Last week Tiffany got stuffy on Wednesday and was feeling mostly normal by Saturday and come Monday she seemed to be at least 95%. I have tried to tell my children that although I have taught them to share, I do not want them sharing ills.

Unfortunately, just the mention of me singing this Saturday at a women’s meeting and my nose stuffed right up! It’s obnoxious, really! The last couple of times I’ve been asked to sing at an activity at our church my nose has done this. Ugh!!! At least I don’t have my heart set on singing. ;) Hopefully I’ll be feeling fine come Saturday morning.

This week I enjoyed doing a few Zentangle tiles. I posted two of them already on Wednesday. I did another one yesterday as I was listening to audios from some of our church services, which I will share next Wednesday. It’s funny. Earlier yesterday I thought about a larger piece I’d like to do and now, I cannot remember what it was. Proof, once again, that I really do need to write down my ideas so I don’t forget them. I thought that since I no longer have a bunch of information running through my head concerning homeschooling my children, because they are all graduated now, that I could remember things like this but alas, it appears that is not true. Of course, I do have quite a few things running through my head for Saturday’s Women’s Breakfast, so that is my story and I’m sticking with it. ;)

I have been asked to emcee the breakfast. When I was first asked to be the mistress of ceremonies for a church event, I was very nervous and soooo out of my comfort zone but felt that I was supposed to go ahead and accept the challenge. Since then, I have done this several times and really enjoy it. I like to make the times conducive to fellowship and getting to know one another better. I do this by allowing time for the attendees to just talk but also by including some games, sometimes more effectively than others.

I hope I remember to take pictures so I can share them here next Friday. I can’t tell about the games we are going to play because if any of the ladies happen to read this post beforehand, they would have an unfair advantage. ;)

Well, I have lots to do today and have an early day tomorrow, so I’ll run for now. Have a great and safe weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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