Special Days

Special Days ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe Saturday before last, Sean treated the four of us to a movie of Mike’s picking and then dinner out at a restaurant of his choosing as well. He picked Yokozuna. This was a new restaurant to us. We were not very adventurous in our choices.

Special Days ~ Lifeofjoy.meWe tried steamed buns, both pork and chicken. We split them between the four of us and enjoyed them. The kids and I enjoyed the sweet and sour chicken with fried rice. It was lightly sauced and tasted really good. :) Mike enjoyed his General Tso’s chicken but was surprised that the chicken in it was not breaded like the sweet and sour chicken.

It was a fun afternoon and we hermits were glad to get back home. :)

Then last Saturday Mike and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary by going to get some pizza and then going to see a movie together. We then got Braum’s ice cream and brought it home to share with Sean and Tiffany.

It was a good afternoon and we enjoyed sharing a new (to us) pizza place. We were able to purchase pizza by the slice. They are rather large slices and can be ordered completely as desired. It was good because I love lots of meat and supreme too but Mike is allergic to beef and pork, so that limits the meat we can get on a shared pizza. So it was nice to each get what we wanted, inexpensively.

It is not about what we do to celebrate our anniversary but that we take time away to spend it together. I asked him what he wanted for dinner tonight, to which he replied, “chicken nuggets and meatballs.”

I was confused by this at first and then I remembered that those were two of the items we had at our reception, and had sooo much left over that we ate it for a couple of weeks. :D We even took a bunch of them with us as we traveled to our honeymoon destination.

So, tonight we will have fried boneless skinless chicken. I’m not sure if we’ll have mashed potatoes with it or scalloped potatoes. But no matter what, we’ll have a good evening together.

Sometimes people have high expectations for a day but it isn’t really about how extravagantly you celebrate but that you do spend time together, preferably alone. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº



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