Rain, Celebrate, Library, and Packing

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s been a crazy weather week here in northeastern Oklahoma. We started the week out with rain, thunderstorms, and tornado watches. I got this snap from my baby sister at seven in the morning . . . definitely too early for that.

That round of storms (at least I think it was that round) caused flooded roads on our route into town.

And just to the right of this, which is our main way into town, is this.

This is our other main way out. I know this one doesn’t look that bad because it isn’t moving but it is enough to block us in. We prayed because the next day we had Tiffany’s long awaited driver’s license test appointment.

We made it out and left early enough for Tiffany and I to get our hair cut. We just go to Great Clips–it’s economical. ;) We did stop and get new windshield wiper blades on the car at Auto Zone because there was a threat of more rain and she definitely needed to have great working wipers for her driving test. I love that the auto stores will install them for free and right then.

We got to the testing place early and had planned for that, so we both sat and read the books we’d brought. Speaking of books–this week was library week too. I finally got some pictures of our quaint library.

I really should try to get a better picture of the exterior next month because it is a nice building. It has some lovely flowers outside.







Here is a picture of some of the adorable lamps on a few tables.

These lamps really make the environment hygge and not so institutional. On a table to the right of this one, with the same lamps, there is a jigsaw puzzle that we’ve seen some senior citizens working on. So neat!

Then I looked up on top of one of the bookshelves and saw some of these.

I love our small town library. I don’t limit myself to any section; I even peruse the children and young adult sections because I know there are MANY books I missed as a child. I picked up Peter Pan this week. It is hard to read a retelling of a book if I haven’t read the original (and seeing any movie adaptation does not count).

Well, before I got on that bunny trail I was telling you about Tiffany’s driving test! Hurray! She passed!!!! We went and got her license and mine renewed, followed by celebratory loaded sweet potato fries from Ron’s Hamburgers and Chili.

I’m very serious about my sweet potato fries.  ;)Both of our hair was struggling having been handled by the beauticians (no, we do not pay to have our hair washed, as luxurious as it is, we go frugal) and being blown by the wind and attacked by the heat. ;) Yep, that is cheese and bacon on those sweet potato fries, with a healthy dose of salt. :)

It was delicious! We left there content and stopped by two grocery stores on our way home. They guys beat us home and helped us get the groceries inside before it started to pour and watch the weather report (and pray) concerning tornadoes!

There’s been so much rain this week that they had to open the dam some more and thus the Arkansas River actually looks like a river.

Sorry, thought I’d show that good lookin’ man I’m married to, as I showed you the river. ;) Usually you can see the bottom of much of the river through here.

Yesterday Tiffany and I helped Mom pack some more. We are making progress. Video cabinet and entertainment center almost empty.







Tiffany worked on the special tea cups with saucers and fancy ladies that Mom collects and displays on those shelves behind Tiffany.

Yes, it’s been quite the week! And the next couple seem to be stacking up to be just as busy. We will all be very glad when Mom and Dad get settled in just a few miles away. :)

Well, I’m going to run. I get to have my nieces spend the night tonight and visit with my sissy for a bit. I hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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