Our Week and the Frustration with Red Tape

My Week in a Nut Shell ~ LifeOfJoy.meIt’s been an interesting week for me. It started off pretty good on Monday, very productive. We worked outside some more. It is starting to look pretty nice in spots but with 9.5 acres, it is going to take a good long time.

On Tuesday I took Tiffany into town to get her Learner’s Permit – yes, it is finally time. :D Oddly enough, none of my kids have been gung ho to get their driver’s license. At any rate, I was pleasantly surprised when we got there to find there were only 2 people ahead of us! My happiness was short-lived though. When we had our turn at the counter, we were told that the form that in previous years I only had to complete, sign, and return must now be notarized as well. As if that weren’t bad enough, we were also notified that the required 8th grade reading proficiency test results letter we brought was not good enough and we needed the official form. UGH!!!!

Tiffany and I decided to move on and enjoy the rest of our day. It was a bit too early to eat so we thought we’d make a quick stop at Target and see if they had a purse she liked, as that would be the focus for the rest of our day out, centering on the local mall. Surprisingly, she found one she loved AND she had enough money to get it.

With our wonderful success and a plan for lunch, we were left with deciding what would do with ourselves after lunch. We enjoyed a pizza loaded with meat! We decided to go visit Ross and Payless Shoe Source. I did find a pair of Champion shoes I liked but I could not see paying $35 for them. I decided to wait and hope they go on sale.

Mike told me to stop by our bank to get the form notarized. On the way home, we stopped by the bank and thankfully, I quickly found the lady who could notarize it for me. At least that part was easy!

I’ve been trying to three days to get the correct form for the 8th grade reading proficiency test. It is so frustrating when I have to deal with schools. They don’t like dealing with homeschoolers and it is completely unfair, considering I pay my taxes here, they could at least be a bit more helpful! Well, we will see later today as one of the schools is supposed to call me back tomorrow about the form. The alternate plan is that on Monday, I will drive 30 minutes in the opposite direction of where I really need to go and get the form. Ugh! I don’t like Plan B and prefer it if the middle school would just have the crazy form.

Wednesday it seemed like I was getting  a lot accomplished but by the time Mike got home, it was hard to remember what I did, if anything. I did draw in my Zentangle calendar a little bit and really liked what I drew. Last night I drew a bit more and did not care for my work with the tangle Rixty. Stop back by on Wednesday and I’ll share them.

We actually managed to get to church Wednesday night too! When we first went back to The Family Prayer Center, we did so on Wednesday night, just to check it out and see if God was truly leading us back there. After a couple of weeks, we made the change. It feels good to be back “home.” Then the following August, Sean had a car accident and we stopped going on Wednesday nights because he was driving our family vehicle to work until he could save enough to get another vehicle. Also because we live 45 minutes from his work and he doesn’t get off until 5:30 AND we give ourselves 45 minutes to get to church, even though it only takes 35. Thus we need to be leaving as soon as he arrives home, which means no dinner for him. We have struggled with this for a while now. Several months ago his boss told him he could come to work 30 minutes earlier and get off 30 minutes earlier, so we could get to church without rushing and still being able to eat dinner together. This is a great plan but we haven’t gotten in the groove yet but, as I said, we made it this week. :)

Yesterday we ran errands. I needed a pair of pants of some sort for more casual attire and a casual top too. Tuesday I could not find anything that fit at Ross, which was very upsetting . . . but I will lose weight and things will get better. I did find one of each at Walmart yesterday but am not thrilled with them. They are the better of the “evils.”

Today I am having two sweet ladies over for lunch! I’m excited, as are they. It shall be a great time of fellowship! I hope I remember to take some pictures!

Well, I’m going to run, as I need to get this posted. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and take some time to fellowship with like-minded believers.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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