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Nature Walk

Sean, Tiffany, and I went for a walk down the big hill yesterday. We decided that since Sean was with us, we’d go all the way to the stop sign, not considering whether we could make it back up that horrendous hill at the end or not because he’d be happy to come pick us up in the car. :)

We really prefer the longer walk but should still continue to climb the big hill at least once a week for endurance and stamina. ;)

There is this pretty patch of wild irises that we’ve never seen before. Mostly because they don’t bloom all that long, so you have to be at the right time to see them. I think we might have to harvest a few. ;)

I don’t know what kind of plant those sticks were or will be later this year but they are sure messing up the beauty of this flower patch. :D Here’s a closer view of the irises.

We cut a few last week when we walked and brought them inside. :) I’ve very happy for cut flowers in the house this year. Tiffany planted quite a few flowers, including nasturtiums, so we should have lots of cut flowers for the rest of the year.

A littler further on our walk are these cattails. I remember last fall they were so pretty. I’ve always liked cattails. I think we may harvest a few of them and plant them back by our pond soon. :)

Here are some of what I think are new ones this year.

I think it is interesting that they grow on the side of the road. Literally ON THE SIDE of the road.

By the way, our road is a dirt and gravel road. That water/wet area is the “ditch”. :D

We could smell the next ones before we saw them.

I didn’t realize there were white AND yellow flowers on the same honeysuckle plant. That is honeysuckle, isn’t it?

This next one Tiffany thinks is Pokeberry which would be the poisonous version Elderberry, at least so we think. She thinks she saw some elderberry a little further but we must’ve been talking as we walked by it yesterday, and didn’t get a picture of it. She said that she read that where you have one plant the other is usually nearby. Pretty odd to me, but we shall see. :)

Here’s a closeup of the flowers on that bush.

We also saw a cactus in the pasture.

See? Right here!

I hope you enjoyed the sights from our nature walk today. What are some wild things you see on your walks?

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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