Gneiss and Something New

This week’s focus tangle for WZTV facebook group is Gneiss. I love this tangle but seldom use it, so it was fun to draw it again.

I usually go simple and just draw the tangle the way the stepout directs but this time I thought I’d try to aura it. Well, that went ok but then what to do with the auras. Ugh! Wish I had just left it simple with overlapping gneiss in varying sizes. I guess I should try that next. ;)

Gneiss ~

iamthedivaczt Laura had such a good response from CZTs for her summer blogging vacation that she decided not to turn any away and have a monthly guest blogger. So this week the Diva Challenge is presented by Charlotte Carpentier.

I must admit that she has definitely issued me a challenge that I wasn’t sure I could complete but I pushed onward. Upon reviewing the challenge to write up this post, I realized that I didn’t exactly follow it. :( Oh well, since there are no mistakes with Zentangle, I will apply that to this challenge as well. ;)

I was supposed to use some kind of dye, be it natural from wine or tea or something other, and create use a stencil to create my string. Well, I was stumped right off the bat. I considered using a blueberry green tea bag as my dye but I didn’t feel like drinking the tea and I wasn’t going to waste it, so I opted to use the regular brown tea bag my husband had used for his cup of tea.

Here’s where I inadvertently created a new challenge. I simply ‘dyed’ my entire tile which I cut from watercolor paper.

Dying Tile ~

When it dried, it didn’t seem like much color was there, until I compared it with a plain undyed tile.

Compare Color ~ Lifeofjoy.meI don’t have any stencils like Charlotte has. All I have is these stencils for journaling or scrapbooking. I chose the balloons. There are two different sizes — the larger one is on the left and the two smaller ones are on the right.

Balloons Stencils ~ Lifeofjoy.meOops, that a bit blurry at the top where the balloons are. :\

I just penciled on the balloons, overlapping them a bit.

I started working on the first large balloon in my black micron but soon remembered I have a sepia micron I have never used. I decided to try it on the smaller balloons and do the other large one with black as well. I didn’t think this through very good because by the time it came to shading, I was stumped. I finally went and got my Prismacolor pencils and proceeded to look for a color that might be able to shade the sepia penned balloons. I’m not pleased with the shading on the lower smaller balloon but the rest is okay.

DC#237 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI used Ornamato, ‘Nzepple, Bales, Drupe, and Ava. Ava reminds me of Charlie Brown’s shirt design. ;) I don’t know if you can see it or not but I put a hind of a ground shadow under the two bottom balloons; that’ what those gray spots are supposed to be. ;)

Well, that’s my tangling adventure so far this week.

Thank you!!!

Wow! I think I had a record number of commenters and likers last week! You all were so encouraging. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such kind comments or clicking the like heart.

It appears that the plaid scrapbooking paper was the favorite, which is fun because I think I preferred the whimsy of the spiral. ;) Thanks again! I appreciate it tremendously!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

8 thoughts on “Gneiss and Something New

  1. I love what you did with the tea. I have the same kind of stencils, as I am a bit of a stencil junkie (hence this challenge, and pushing myself to actually use them instead of just continuing to buy them.) Just like in Zentangle, there is no exact “right way” to do anything. Making it your own is what counts!

  2. You keep testing my maths skills, which is a bit mean, I don’t do sums! But it’s worth it each week to see what you have come up with. i think the balloons are very pretty and the two colours used work really well to add interest. Nice work, again.

    1. Hahaha Until last week, I had even forgotten that my capta was a math one. I generally struggle with all those squiggly alpha/numeric capta, so when I saw this one I thought it was different and one I could actually get right the first time. But now, I’m wondering if I should change it. :)

      I appreciate you persevering through the math to leave such generous comments! Thanks ever so much!

  3. Cute tile 🙂 I understand your shading quandary as it is the main reason I haven’t ventured to use my lovely set of Staedtler pens yet :-/

  4. I like your tile for the diva challenge a lot. It is beautifully designed with very interesting tangle patterns and the dyed background makes it even more interesting.

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