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Daughter’s Birthday Activities

Last week we celebrated Tiffany’s birthday. She loves the water so we decided to go to a local lake a few minutes from home. My parents and sister and her family joined us.

It’s a nice little lake. :)

We waded in the water. The baby and toddler fish were not afraid of us.

It was funny because there were a couple of groups of smaller fish like this and then there were some that were a bit bigger but still swimming in schools together and right in this same area-ish. The bigger ones were several inches long.

The girls (Tiffany included) decided to make a sand donut instead of a sand castle. :D They are a creative lot.

Before we left for the beach though, we had loaded sweet potato fries and chocolate “milkshakes” for lunch. :)

Yeah, they were good! :) We took leftover cinnamon rolls for our snack at the lake. :) Yum!

So we had these babies for breakfast and snack. Definitely not conducive to weight loss but oh so delicious for a celebration! :)

We only stayed at the lake for around two hours but it was long enough that Tiffany had the enjoyment of the water and I got a tiny bit sunburned. :D

We got home and showered and then decided to put together a puzzle. I’d gotten this beauty in my stocking for Christmas. I definitely want to find a similar one of a bit higher quality.

I loved the picture but the pieces didn’t go together nicely at all. But I still like it.

We finished this one and started a new one that I have never even opened before. It has a pretty sunrise/sunset with a lighted bridge. We’re still working on it so maybe I’ll remember to take some pictures of it and share it next week. ;)

After dinner we watched the newest Doctor Dolittle movie. It was okay but a let down from the trailer which made it look amazing. It’s one of the few movies I’d been looking forward to watching.

We had Suzy Q cake in the middle of the movie–yum!

It was a good day and Tiffany enjoyed herself, her gifts, the food, and the outing. :)

I’m going to run for now. We spent the afternoon yesterday at my parents’ with my nieces painting some of her outside decorations. I’ll share some pictures here next week (I hope ;) )

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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