Are you Teaching your Children to be Entitled?

Entitled? ~ Lifeofjoy.meThere are some things that Mike and I have taught the children to do that has become so much a part of them, that we don’t even really realize it. We taught them to be thankful and grateful and to express that to others.

I asked Tiffany yesterday how one habit they have came to be and she said she thinks Mike is the one that encouraged it. This one habit is that at some point during dinner or before they leave the table, they express their thanks for the food and compliment it, if it is worthy. ;)

They have done this for so long, I cannot remember when it started but I know that, to this day, while eating dinner, they usually say that the food is good and thank you. It is such a habit that even when there are guests here, they still do it. When we have young adult guests over, you can tell that it comes as a surprise. Sometimes they will follow suit but mostly they just don’t know what to do, since they weren’t taught this. Of course, before they leave the house, they always express their gratitude and how good it was as well.

This act of expressing thanks and compliments is part of a bigger area of character developement. When one does not express thanks or give compliments, it can lead to children the feel entitled. This is not something you want your children to display.

Crystal Paine, of The Money Saving Mom, recently shared a photo and quick note on her facebook page that was quite interesting to me. It is a short little blurb, so I hope you’ll take the time and go read it. It’s a picture of the bedroom her three children share right now.

Then there is this really really good article over on crosswalk about how parents are teaching their children to be entitled and some steps you can take if this is happening with your children.

I hope these articles will give you some encouragement with your own children.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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